Today in LA at 4:30am

>>> 4:50 right now. Los angeles dream center is commemorating one year of the organization’s covid relief. Since march of last year the dream centeras served five million meals through their mobile food line during this pandemic and yesterday marched the anniversary and looked forward. This year the dream center is kicking off the restore L.A. initiative by celebrating expansion of their housing program. 13 new units are available for homeless families so they can stay together and rebuild their lives. >>> It is st. Patrick’s day and you can get a sweet deal if you are wearing green. Krispy kreme is giving away free green glazed doughnuts for people who show up. Don’t even need to make a purchase. And there are lots of places that have a touch of the irish. McDONALD’S famous shamrock shakes. Dairy queen a mint oreo blizzard. Dunkin has a irish cream flavored coffee. And cold stone, give me one of each. >> We’re going celebrate tonight with an all green dinner with broccoli and brussel sprouts and spinach and all that good stuff. >> — >> They don’t know yet but they will have it. And wash it down with a shamrock shake or something at the end. >> We hope you have a great day. Find a way celebrate. I was telling adrian I think I’m going to get the kids in the ver and get our shakes. Let’s look at the weather for today. You are going to notice more clouds in the sky and that is because of all that cloud cover that is just to the south and the west. Let’s take a look at the temperatures for march. And when we recap what’s been going on for the month. Notice how most of our temperatures have been below average. Lot of 50s and 60s. Pretty much an unsettled month just getting storm after storm and right now we’re close to 3 degrees below average. Our temperatures are going to start to warm up today. Up 60s but 70s in the forecast for thursday and friday. This morning temperatures in the 40s. Patchy frost in the inland empire this afternoon. Highs in the 60s. Warmer than yesterday with partly cloudy and the win winds are going to be lightser. The rainfall solver this season. We’ve had close to 6 cinches but around this tie should have 12 inches so we’re about 10 inches behind our seasonal ra today we have this ridge developing. That is the reason we have the warmer temperatures and we stop the clock on saturday. As the storm system moves into the west coast. Saturday morning we could potentially have some wet weather. It is not going to be a lot though. Here is your first leatheralert. Not a lot to watch. The winds will be calm. We’re just going to watch the warming trend thursday and friday. And thenn temperatures over the weekend. Next week, more 70s. The desert, today breezy at times. Nothing like the winds we had. 70s for thursday and friday. The low desert in the olli80s and a look at the mountain temperatures. 50s thursday and friday and this weekend gets a little colder on sunday. Robin a check with the the roads. >> Green all behind me. I’m wearing teal. That is the best I can do today. It is close. I think I’m still goingo get pinched though. >> Yeah. Watch out for daniella. >> I’m going to go find green in the commercial break so I’ll be safe. Meanwhile just green on the map. But we do have a trouble spot. Westbound 10 crenshaw boulevard, it is app overturn. Someone just flipped over. That car on its side. There is another vehicle involved so we have a couple of lanes blocked. And last check, traffic was squeezing by but that may change. And once again get out there early because the 10 is stacking up quickly because of new overturn. The 60 is going to be a slow trip because of construction. Road work, west 60 between 605 rose immediate. Pocket of slow traffic here. So heads up if for westbound trip. It is already sluggish but it is not sluggish everywhere. Check out the 5. Looks good, through bush, inc.rbank