Townhall | It’s a Sin if You Don’t

Politicians on both sides of the aisle agree: voting is our essential duty as Americans. As we discuss the best way to participate in this election season—debates or silence, socially distanced rallies or none, in person voting or potentially fraudulent mail-in ballots—let’s remind ourselves why we must vote in the first place and how we ought to vote.

Why must we vote? It is a sin not to do so.

First, let’s define sin. The Bible has five different usages of the word “sin.” Most

common among them is “missing the mark.” Consider this. When we vote, we mark the candidates we support. We mark our ballots with our signatures. Not to vote is literally to miss the mark.

Less literally, “missing the mark” means to fail to meet the biblical standard. Believers are eternally forgiven and justified before God the Father only through the redeeming work of Jesus Christ on the cross. But believers also sin daily by giving in to temptations and not living up to biblical standards. That’s why daily confession and repentance is something believers must do.

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