Townhall | One Nation Under God

This weekend, we celebrate the founding of the greatest nation in the world. We honor the men and women who dedicated—and often sacrificed—their lives to create the land of the free and home of the brave and have defended it for nearly two-and-a-half centuries. I love this country. I join you in celebrating it. But I find myself asking: Is America still the land of the free and the home of the brave?

Or is our nation dangerously adrift on a sea of complacency and immorality? Too often we are content to think only of our families and ourselves, ignoring the world around us. We pay little attention to the continual changes taking place in government policies.

Like the frog in lukewarm water—unaware that the water is boiling until it is too late to leap out—we, too, may be in more danger than we realize. When more than 3,000 babies are aborted every day, the Bible and the Ten Commandments are removed from classrooms, and prayer in the schools is forbidden, it is time to assess where we are as a nation. As mobs topple the statues of Founding Fathers, we must not forget what those great men advocated: faith and liberty.

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