TruNews | World Help: Not Enough Bibles for North Korean Demand

The demand for new copies of the Bible in North Korea’s underground churches is so strong that relief organizations are having a hard time keeping up.

World Help President and CEO Dr. F. Vernon Brewer, the Christian ministry’s founder, said this week he has just returned from the border between North and South Korea. Being in the proximity of “such brutality” was unsettling, he said.

But, he added, the reports of nuclear and missile tests and potential war “hide the true atrocities” inflicted upon North Korea’s people:

Here’s a story you won’t hear on the news: Recently, 81 believers were sentenced to a labor camp for their faith. They were forced to perform 12 hours of slave labor a day — even the smallest children and the physically disabled.

But despite the threat of such horrible treatment, believers in North Korea are desperate for God’s Word. They are even willing to risk their lives!

After returning from my trip, I committed to sending 50,000 Bibles to North Korea by the end of the year. Supplies are rapidly depleting, and I want to start sending 25,000 Bibles by Oct. 31 …

The demand for God’s Word in North Korea has never been greater.

“By God’s grace,” our partner said, “the number of Christians inside North Korea has grown rapidly. This is the urgency — the people of North Korea need to be fed the Word of God. But it’s extremely difficult to get Bibles into the country.”

I’ve witnessed what he was talking about with my own eyes — soldiers standing on the border ready to arrest or even shoot without question anyone attempting to get in or out of the country without permission.

And because of the difficulties of getting God’s Word across the borders, the current supply of Bibles is running incredibly low. That’s why I believe God is calling us to send 50,000 Bibles into North Korea by the end of the year.

Brewer said the cost to send a Bible is $10, and his organization is seeking donations to help its cause.

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