Univision | How split are Hispanic evangelicals over Trump?

In the final days of the electoral campaign season, Latino Evangelicals want to make it clear they don’t have the same political leanings or priorities as their white counterparts, that they are not monolithic and that they are split on President Donald Trump, so there’s no telling how they will vote on Nov. 3.

Leaders of the three biggest Latino evangelical groups in the United States told Univision Noticias that they can’t be pigeon-holed and don’t fit in the platforms of either political party because they are both strongly pro-life and pro-social justice.

“Latino Evangelicals are politically homeless,” said Gabriel Salguero, president of the National Latino Evangelical Coalition. “We’re not looking for a party to support. We’re looking for a party to support us.”

The Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) estimates there are nearly 5 million adult Latino Evangelicals and 36 million white Evangelicals, although there is no totally agreed definition of what is an evangelical. In general, the term applies to those who believe in personal salvation through Jesus, preach their beliefs and accept the Bible as their maximum authority.

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