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a jail’s authority board in the commonwealth… Called a special meeting yesterday to talk about repercussions — after áTWOá inmates escaped a facility in farmville. The board says after last week’s events — the u-s marshals office pulled its inmates from the jail — the jail superintendent says… Federal inmates made up 42 percent of the jail — and brought in over 2 point 7 million dollars per year — the jail superintendent says the inmates manipulated the locking mechanism on the rear door of the jail to escape 22 hours apart — records showed — the jail was aware that some locks were failing months prior to the incident — the board will meet again next week to further discuss the impact. Of some wildfires out across western Canada in Alberta. So it made for a pretty interesting sunset tonight and you can see on our smoke forecast. It’s kind of still in place this evening. Of course, it’s dark out. You’re not going to be able to see it. But if we put this in motion still on Thursday, you may notice a little bit more of that. Hes so again for tomorrow morning for sunrise, you may notice maybe a more vibrant, bright orange sun or even some reds in the morning. So just be aware of that. If you notice the haze, that’s where it’s from all the way Into the fifties that we’ve got a couple more warm days ahead, but more clouds building in for the end of the week. So temperature is very comfortable for tonight. We’re still going to be very warm for Thursday and Friday, but we do have more rain on the way for the weekend and I did make some changes to Friday’s forecast. I do want you to keep in mind. I want you to stay tuned for whether updates and at least have that backup plan If you have outdoor events between Friday and Saturday, I’ll have more on what you can expect for the weekend that’s coming up. Thanks Aubrey may is mental Health Awareness Month and many organizations discuss how every person is impacted by the issue —the friendly city safe space is a non-profit organizationthat works to improve the physical and mental well-being of the l-g-b-t-q plus community in the shenandoah valley. The friendly city safe space’s number one goal is to provide resources and support to members of the community who may not have access. The safe space serves as a sanctuary for l-g-b-t-q plus people to gather and be with other people who identify with them —they also provide free counseling for them if they need it. Everything that we are doing is downstream suicide prevention because the realitiy is that community is one of the biggest indicators of mental health in queer people/// there are so many people that I see coming into this space that have never seen an adult who holds the same identity.the safe space offers mentorship programs and l-g-b-t-q plus literature for the community. Bella-rose says they try to provide resources and support to those who don’t have the same access. Governor glenn youngkin is working to combat ant-eye- semitism through a new law — n-b-c 29’s braedyn speight explains how this law defines ant- eye-semitism — and how it will be used to prevent hate crimes. According to a report by the commission to combat antisemitism. There were nearly 350 reports of antisemitic acts in virginia last year. The purpose of governor youngkin’s new law is to train first responders and other public servants to prevent hate crimes. In order to confront a threat, you have to understand the threat. Elan carr is a senior advisor to the combat anti semitism movement. The definich maprcrutnyi,ty instittuotwiaornds jaenwdi sh religious facilities.” the law also extends into the classroom. Carr says it is important to have a basis for students to understand. We’ve got to be able to tell them what it is and how it appears and it appears in different forms. You know, sometimes it targets the jew down the street, sometimes it targets the jewish community next door. But it is important to recognize that this day was important for celebrating jewish life as well.. The opposite of anti semitism isn’t tolerance you know people I don’t know anyone who aspires to be tolerated the opposite of anti semitism is philo semitism and affirmative appreciation of an affection for the remarkable jewish story. In