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reports say ftc believes the deal would give the intercontinental exchange that owns the new york circuit stage too much power and multitrillion U.S. market and come with experience ever pence of higher home prices for consumers and competitors in the marge data and services industry. The ftc investigating the proposed $13 billion deal since it was announced nearly a year ago and could lead to a lawsuit, but the bigger picture here, administration’s antitrust enforcers continue to be busy and ftc challenging deals with microsoft’s takeover of video game giant activision blizzard and jetblue and spirit airline and corporate consolidation a dirty term and the biden administration. Stuart: exactly. Thanks, ash. Some very large companies are targeting both conservative employees and customers. >> This is amazing and they’ve canceled the business or can deny relationships and don’t like politics and don’t like business with them and anyway the people promoting their social agendas and ideological views and that’s happening as well and now the group that did study 1792 exchange and said there’s about 150 U.S. companies that they consider high resident and can means they’re more likely in U.S. businesses to engage in ideological discrimination and develop add data base assessing corporate policies of a thousand businesses and categorizing them from low risk to high risk and see a number of banks on the list and 1792 exchange says many financial companies use their clout to force customers into adopting climate change policies. Another example is bank of america and vets vendors based on commitment to lgbtq views and of course as you know they don’t lend the gun manufacturers that is. Now, some five big transportation companies are regarded as high risk in this study engaging in left wing activism and promoting partisan legislation and the president of the 1792 exchange company said this — >> Seeing the breath of it and how extensive the reach and influence of these organizations, outside has become on corporations and that how corp. — extensively corporations are leaning in on issues that have nothing to do with their business is surprising. >> The folks are encouraging people to report companies that engage in this kind of behavior and asking them to switch when they find their actions offensive. Stuart: sounds good to me. Nothing wrong with that. >> Right. Shocking though. The details of what the companies are doing and turning back business because they don’t like the politics of someone. Stuart: ain’t that someone. Gerri, good story, thank as lot. Public square, that’s a network of patriotic businesses backed by donald trump jr.. They want to stop americans from giving money with companies that hate them and michael and giving them money to do that. >> Thank you for having and good to be with you this morning. We believe that the solution is simple. If we can provide a network of patriotic alternatives to all the major corporate brands today, then we can actually shift the power structures of society back toward we the people. Because the people traditional american values, freedom loving americans, we can equip them to spend money in alignment with the values of people that don’t hate them and in turn we equip the last emerging market with a marketplace that will suit their needs for all of life’s daily purchases and will send a message to america and the patriotic parallel economy is here to stay and we’ve become the largest network of patriotic businesses to exist and we’re excited for the next chapter. Stuart: does patetism, the way you’re using it — patriotism, does it sell or work? >> I believe the answer is undoubtedly yes. Thousands of businesses on the platform share stories with us daily on how their profits are increasing and exposure to a group of consumers that our values align with them and increasing through the experience and they’ve had hard times advertising on platforms like facebook and youtube and they’re grateful for a platform that not only respects their