Wake Up America

many good morning. Good morning. Rob senate minority leader mitch mcconnell is the highest ranking republican to come out against the rnc’s decision. But a lot of that is really echoed from the sentiments that we’ve heard in the upper chamber, including leadership. And that is the rn should not be alienating two of its members just because they disagree. With regard to the suggestion that the rnc should be in the business of picking and choosing. Republicans who ought to be supported. Ah, traditionally the view of. The national party committees is that we support all members. Of our party, regardless of their positions. On some issues. Well the stark divide over the gop s position has to do with the rnc language that the january six capital rioters engaged in quote unquote legitimate political discourse. House minority leader kevin mccarthy has endorsed that language. But mcconnell said that it was a violent insurrection and because of the strong comments that we’ve seen , I really summarized the position and the criticism and put that question to the house republican conference chair. Elise stefanik to get her position. As a member of leadership yourself. What is your reaction to those centers? My reaction is the rnc has every right to take any action and the position that I have is that you’re ultimately held accountable to voters in your district voters who you represent, and we’re going to hear the feedback and the views of voters pretty quickly here this year. And of course, the consensus from a lot of republicans as that there really needs to be a unified front going into the midterm elections if they want to regain a majority, not reflecting on the past. Update. Good to see you. We appreciate it. Public education has gone off the rails. Now it’s about how our and money and politics and somehow the kids are getting lost in all the death. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a democrat. Republican you’re a mom and a dad. First critical race theory is dividing our children in ways that are unacceptable. You cannot use racism. To eradicate racism. The issue of critical race theory in our schools, is back in the spotlight this week with the release of a new documentary joining us now to talk more about this controversial subject is in the new film is veteran educator and founder of four kids and country. Rebecca friedrichs. Rebecca. Welcome to wake up america. Hey good morning. It’s great to be here. Thank you. So, rebecca, you’re the producer of the documentary whose children are they? What was the impetus for making this film? Well for decades, our schools have been captured by people who claim to be teachers and claim to be unions. They are neither one. Instead they’re trying to undermine our republic by using our schools as indoctrination centers, so the teachers like myself have been pushing back on this for decades, and when we pushed back, we would be bullied. I’ve had friends who’ve been spit upon for speaking up at union meetings. We’d be barred from committees because we dared to push back on things like crt and radical sects said that’s harming her children. So teachers voices have been silenced long enough. And parents are awakening now, so we came together a bunch of veteran teachers, brave teachers and brave parents came together and we created this movie to not only exposed crt but many other dangerous things in our SCHOOL%-pAND whose children are they yeah , voice brave, I think is a great word for that. You know something happened rebecca during the pandemic, the lockdown. Parents then had an opportunity to see what was really happening in the classroom with a lot of these, you know, these zoom classroom calls and what do you think and talk about what this is? This documentary is exposing. Well, we are exposing critical race theory. Radical sex set agenda anti discipline policies that have turned our schools into war zones were exposing that the teacher unions have backroom deals with the cdc to keep kids masked and to keep them out of schools. So we’re exposing the nightmare in our schools, and we’re exposing that it’s the teacher unions and their political pals. That are behind all of this. So whose children are they dot com is where people can find the movie, and we’re really excited about getting this message out there. Look I want to get your opinion because you were an elementary school teacher for close to three decades. We see what’s happening now kids wearing mask. We’re seeing a lot of studies that say that they are developmentally delayed. It’s causing anxiety, headaches, kids, some still remote learning, especially if they’re sick. Um what’s your opinion as far as wearing masks in school? And do you think that messages be taken off immediately? Well I absolutely think the mask should be taken off these children. You know, god created us to breathe out the gas. That’s not good for us.