Washington Examiner | A pandemic is the perfect opportunity to restore education

The COVID-19 pandemic is exposing what many have known for decades: Our education system is broken. But the situation also presents us with a silver lining: the opportunity to uncover the damaging influences and restore education.

While millions of families are suddenly home schooling, it’s important to know that when our schools were elite and the envy of the world, we were a nation of home-schoolers and small, private, and independent schools.

What happened? Government and labor unions intruded, claiming families and educators needed them.

But do we? Theressah and Victor Ramirez say, “Absolutely not!”

The Ramirez’s live with their two sons in a low-income, immigrant neighborhood in San Diego, California. Like most parents, they want an outstanding education for their children, and they’re motivated to help them reach their dreams.

The Ramirez’s found a STEM school for their gifted and talented sons who want to attend universities. But they soon discovered the government-run school lacked gifted and talented resources, and shortsighted policies negatively impacted school culture and safety.

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