Washington Post: Carson names an evangelical millennial as faith adviser — the third GOP candidate to do so

With competition intense among GOP presidential candidates for the huge swath of evangelical primary voters, a second contender this month has brought on an adviser to do Christian outreach.

Ben Carson on Wednesday will announce the appointment of Johnnie Moore, a popular writer, activist for Middle Eastern Christians and former Liberty University campus chaplain. At Liberty, Moore ran massive weekly convocations where notables — including Carson in 2012 — came to speak. With Moore, Carson will gain entree to many of evangelicalism’s biggest names at a time when polls show he faces stiff competition in Iowa.

The appointment of Moore, 32, as “special faith adviser” follows the news earlier this month that Marco Rubio picked another high-profile evangelical millennial to do faith outreach: Eric Teetsel. Teetsel led a project called the Manhattan Declaration, a major effort that has brought together conservative evangelicals, Catholics and Orthodox Christians on traditional marriage, religious liberty and “the sanctity of life.” He also worked with the American Enterprise Institute on a project to get college students interested in the intersection between Christianity and free enterprise.

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