Washington Times: Christian communities offer ‘ballast against violence, radicalism, insanity’

Since the day I was born, the Bible has played a significant role in my life. My parents taught me to love it, to cherish its principles, and to apply them to everything I did.

Years ago, I committed to reading the Bible every day, and I’ve found it to be constantly fresh, constantly relevant and constantly inspiring. This Book has helped me be a better son, father, husband, businessman, and taught me the principles at the heart of how I work and live.

Today, I am thrilled to serve as chairman of Museum of the Bible, a nonprofit organization with the mission to invite all people to engage with the Bible.

So how exactly are we inviting people to engage with the Bible? Through what we call our “Four Pillars”: the museum itself, traveling exhibits, education and research.

In addition to being our nation’s capital, with four of the top five of America’s most attended museums, Washington, D.C., is easily the museum capital of America.

The Bible’s words are chiseled onto many of its monuments and important buildings. That’s why we decided to put all 430,000 square feet of the new museum there. Set to open in November 2017, and only a few blocks from the Capitol, the National Mall and the Smithsonian, we’ll be able to host millions of visitors who, once inside, will be immersed in the history, narrative and impact of the Bible.

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