Washington Times | Teachers want to teach, Marxist unions want to blackmail

Teachers are essential workers. But America’s teachers — who are public servants paid by public dollars — are AWOL during a national crisis.

Don’t get us wrong. We’re not here to bash good teachers. We are good teachers.

We’re here to encourage good teachers to stand up and expose the radical forces blocking us from opening our classrooms. Those forces are Marxists posing as teachers unions and the politicians and “experts” they control.

“Never let a crisis go to waste” is standard operating procedure for Marxist unions and their allies. So they’re inundating news feeds with photos of union activist teachers holding protest signs proclaiming, “I can’t teach from the grave.” A drama teacher must have created that messaging, since it’s common knowledge that exactly zero children in California have died of coronavirus, and medical professionals believe children are not spreading the disease.

We teachers want to get back to work and so do parents. In a district in San Bernardino, California, 70% of parents surveyed want their children back in school. But their voices and science don’t matter. The union, the governor and the superintendent had the final say: Schools will remain closed.