Washington Times | The faith force: Evangelicals champion Trump

President Trump has evangelical allies who continue to speak out on his behalf as the election approaches and the strategic attacks grow shrill, and more aggressive. The faith community, however, is intent on the larger picture, and the race to beat Joseph R. Biden.

“While Joe Biden’s allies in the Democrat Party are pushing to destroy stained-glass windows and burn down our places of worship, President Trump has been a staunch defender of communities of faith,” says John Pence, senior adviser to the Trump campaign, and nephew of Vice President Mike Pence. “Faith is what unites our country in good times and bad, and it’s more important now than ever to have a leader in the White House who holds those same values.”

Mr. Pence hosted an online forum of faithful folk on Saturday who stand by Mr. Trump. They included Paula White, spiritual adviser to the president; the Rev. Johnnie Moore, president of the Congress of Christian Leaders and the Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, a grassroots network of 40,000 churches. The three are candid about what’s at stake on Nov. 3.


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