Washington Times | Trump fights to free schools from the grip of Marxist teachers’ unions

I had the honor of addressing the 2020 Republican National Convention on its opening night. I shared my experience as a veteran California public-school educator who has fought for years to give voice to America’s great teachers.

Great teachers are voiceless because so-called teachers’ unions have silenced us for decades while claiming to represent us.

They do not.

Unions have intentionally rewritten American history to perpetuate division, pervert the memories of our American Founders and disparage our Judeo-Christian virtues. Their lenient discipline policies morphed our schools into war zones, and unions fight to remove resource safety officers from our schools, support “defunding police,” sanctuary cities and abolishing ICE. Parents and teachers beware: The unions are behind the extremist sex education agenda in our schools, too.

And now they have the nerve to increase our suffering during the pandemic by using our schools and kids as leverage to gain their advantage. While claiming to protect our children and teachers, unions are denying our kids a quality education and blackmailing Americans into accepting their radical ideology.

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