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florida is the first state in the country to partner with conservative educational media compan reporter chris gilmore tells us what the arrangement mean for students. Gilmore: “The rtment of Education has th PragerU kids. That’s an education and entertainment company produc videos. The st videos can be used with iscretion. The company’s ceo says that she’s combatting a woke agenda and the company’s already aware of some push back.” Nats Streit: “When those who are trying to makent doesn’t make it into schools, they lie about us. You know, it’s simpl because either they haven’t really watched our content and they’re making tent and they’re igno Nats prageru kids youtube titles parents like michael chavers feel makes sense Chavers: “Now, the topic’s good. I don’t know wha don’t know the content. Yeah, pics sound good, how to take ownership of your l all those tales to the national anthem and the pledge of allegiance, cash course institutions, cash course student loans 101.” other parents like edvin malagic have a little more pause. Malagic: “i mean, because they’re owned by obviously they’re going to have those same sort of leanings. They have the same parent company.” where controversy seems to lie is wrent company prageru. Nats separate claims to promote pr american values and includes videos with titles like, mak men masculine again and just say merry christmas. We asked the stat have access to this content as part of the deal. We’re waiting for a response. Streit: “And PragerU Kids is what’s bec vendor in the state of Florida is the piece that they have approved so it’s from the sam ot, the educational piece and the turnkey le plans that we produce are within the PragerU kids ked the state for an interview rding their partnership with prage they sen saying, the florida department of education reviewed prageru kids and determined the material aligns to f revised civics and government people with state farm say they have received almost 59 thid out 597 million to date after icole last year. Ian made landfall on th before crossing the state, while nicole hit in november. Last month…state they would presence in florida. That was after farmer’s insurance decided to pull out of florida. More floridians are moving to citizens insurance, the statlast resort because private insurers are dropping florida’s agriculture commissioner says the state’s new im bring unin to the construction and industries. The law went into effect on first, and requires businesses with more than 25 employees to use the federal e-verify system to check the immigration status of workers. Agriculture commissioner wilton simpson said anecdotal evidence suggest drive up wages, meaning higher costs. Simpson also says the law could stop drugs from coming into florida. Ans are cutting the co state’s public service commission, about 900 thousand in use in florlmost 20 p beed 20 years ago, with 12 million servicing about residents. A democrat has filed paperwork to run in a special election this fall for a state house seat. Miami de gonzalo farias has joined the race for miami dade county’s house district 118. Governor ron desantis called the special election a appointing the r incumbent to serve as miami- dade county clerk of court and comptroller. Rep michael redondo and christian chavez opened campaign accounts but they aren’t listed as candidates. Alachua county public school officials are promoting an app will help parents this school year. We’ll tell you what I live returns.