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claim is a free alternative to the dominant left wing ideology and culture, media and education. Prager you claim students are failing because schools are pushing activism instead teaching facts. But some parents say, the material is worrisome. Parents have felt that they have been really out of the education, their children. This really makes me question where exactly is that separation of church and state? The florida department of education says it has reviewed prager u kids and determined that the material aligns to florida’s revised and government standards. Walt disney world has filed a response to governor ron desantis motion to have a lawsuit filed in federal court by against the state thrown out. It is the latest legal move in a high stakes back and forth between the governor and walt disney world. In the response? Disney refuted the state’s claims that it doesn’t have standing to sue and that the governor is immune. Disney over the state’s dissolution of the really creek district, which was replaced by the florida oversight district, whose members were appointed by the governor. Disney called the governor’s actions vindictive and retaliatory. Right now we have an update. The spacex launch was planned. A falcon heavy rocket was supposed to launch from kennedy space center tonight. But as you saw a few moments ago, the clock stopped just under a minute. The launch was scrubbed for the night. Spacex did not give a reason, but they did say the rocket and payload are in good condition and that they will try again tomorrow around the same time. So it will be right here doing it all over again. Yes, we will. Nearly a dozen people, including two firefighters, are injured after a crane collapse in new york city. What happened moments before it snapped and what it was carrying that could have made it so much worse. And a mobile stroke treatment unit deployed for the first time this week. What makes it so unique and how it’s expected to save? And another portillo’s coming to central florida. Where are you going to find their chicago style hot dogs and famous italian sandwiches? When I first met you,you had stated, “Listen, this is what’s goingon with my business” “and I don’t—where do I go?” And now look at where we are. I have more freedom,I have more time Yep. And it’s like (phew)I can breathe again. Oh. All right. So this is not a movie. This is real life. People, at least 11 people, including two fire fighters,