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pushing activism instead of teaching facts. But some parents say the material is worrisome. Parents have felt that they have been really out of the education of their children. This really makes me question where exactly is that separate of church and state? So the florida department of education says it has reviewed prager u kids and determined the material to florida’s revised civics and government standards. The department of justice is seeking a preliminary injunction against texas floating barriers in the rio grand. Federal prosecutors say it’s needed to prevent irreparable harm to foreign relations. The department wants to block texas from adding any new floating barriers and remove the existing ones. Earlier this week, texas was sued over those floating barriers, arguing the barriers were installed without authorization. Construction costs for one booming section of osceola county about to get more expensive. Why developers may soon have to pay substantially higher fees before they pick up a hammer. Plus, the medical records of dozens of transgender people in tennessee are being over to the state. Why the medical center? They all sought care and says this is actually legal. Wesh 2 news starts now with breaking news breaking news just into our newsroom. Two brothers from florida and illinois are the latest to face charges in the january sixth insurrection. William beer broad of saint cloud and his brother joseph are accused of smashing windows on capitol doors and assaulting a police officer. According to court documents. William beer brat was seen on camera using his cane to break a window and unlatch a locked door, letting in other rioters. More than two years since the january 6th insurrection, more than a thousand people have been arrested in nearly all 50 states. Developers in osceola county could soon be paying substantially higher fees if they’re looking to build in kissimmee. City officials say the city always charged developers what are called impact fees to contribute to parks and recreation projects. But those fees haven’t been updated since 2009. A recent study found the fees should be doubled to match surrounding areas. One of the projects, these new fees could be used on is at the 150 acre lancaster ranch park to