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campaigning to be the next president. Meanwhile, in lake county, elementary schools will now be to access the children’s book and tango makes three. Once again, the book is based on a true story from the central park zoo. It’s about two male penguins raising a baby penguin. Last month, the lake county school district said students kindergarten through third grade were not allowed to check out the book. The restriction resulted in a lawsuit from the author and parents in the district. Change in access. The book came after new clarifications about. The parental rights and education bill also dubbed the don’t say gay law. We are just two weeks away from the start of the next school year. For many of our local school districts. And now public school teachers in florida have the okay to use material from a newly approved conserva curriculum in their classrooms. And it is called prager u. And the group claims the schools are more concerned with pushing radical activism on students instead of teaching facts. Wesh 2 news marlei martinez reports the head of the teachers union says the material is concerning. Here’s the first thing you need to know. Slavery was not invented by white people. This is example of a prager u video. White people were the first to formally put an end to slavery. The conservative nonprofit creates videos like they say, to offer a free alternative to the dominant left wing ideology in culture media and education. We have realized that. Our classrooms have become really political bull ropes with our kids. Ceo streit tells me. They’re now bringing prager u kids content to classrooms and florida is first to sign up. We want our kids to have a come to accomplish academic excellence without it being laced with political that kids should be learning without being indoctrinated with left wing propaganda. On the florida department of education, in a statement that they reviewed prager u kids and determined the material lines to florida’s revised civics and standards. Now it’s up to school districts whether they’ll use the supplemental material like this video tagged for third to fifth graders. Mrs. Caulder gave us an assignment today about being activist for justice. Is it mrs. Caulder, your math teacher? Yeah. We learn math, but we spend a lot time learning about this stuff. They talk about in the news. That’s weird. Is it math class supposed to be for math? It is clear that they have a political agenda. That is clear. They’re not about educating kids. They’re about promoting propaganda. Andrew spar is the president of the florida education. The statewide teachers union. The state of florida wants to ban books, but they’re going to allow a political motivated program with no educational value. And it really goes to show where this administration’s priorities are. Their priorities are not with the education of my child and your children. Their priority is certainly a political one. Lee martinez, wesh 2 news and we reached out to ten of our local school districts to see they planned to use prager u materials so far. Flagler county public schools told us their teachers have access to all approved state material. Seminole county public said they are not using prager u materials. Other tell us they haven’t talked about it. We getting you ready for that first day of school with our one hour back to school. It airs on wednesday at 7:00. Don’t miss it on wesh 2 on august 10th. Join the entire team as we welcome students back. Local classrooms live. Wesh 2 sunrise starting at 430. Okay, it’s 938. Turning heartbreak into purpose. That’s the mission of a nonprofit that helping families battling pediatric cancer. It is a financial burden. I care who you are. Mean. There’s very few families that don’t need some assistance. How brittany’s wesh helps families pay for their child’s cancerwhen eight year old britney