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so I just want to attack me. Can you come this morning? That man is not facing any charges. Tiffany rivera said it was her husband, 47 year old eddie alexis vasquez muniz, who was killed. Police say the men had an ongoing dispute over a woman and that vasquez was waiting for the other man. They say munis attacked the shooter, hitting him in the head with brass knuckles. If you was fear for your life, you go to where you have to go to the police. And that’s how you handled. You don’t handle things by your hands and taking somebody’s life away, knowing that kids are in the middle and they’re so family. They’re. Police believe vasquez set up a phone on a tripod to capture what he was about to do. The shooter is claiming self-defense. A groveland police officer is expected in court this morning following an incident at a bar in mt. Dora. Mentor officers arrested joshua summers after they say security camera footage shows him grabbing a woman by hair and hitting her head against a wooden railing. Several witnesses say summers tried to strangle the woman. Now, summers has pleaded not guilty. Felony battery. He is scheduled to be in court at 830 this morning. Involution county, an 11 year old girl, was arrested after deputies say she texted 911 to report her friend had been kidnaped. But it wasn’t true. Deputies say this all happened in port orange and that the girl claimed her friend was kidnaped by an armed man driving a white van on south i-95, oak hill. It turns out there was no van and there was no kidnaping. Deputies then tracked her phone to her home, and when they confronted her, she said that it was a prank and she thought it would be funny. But the girl is now charged with misuse of 911 and making a false police report concerning the use of a firearm. And that is a charge is a felony. A former elementary school was put on lockdown when two teens were caught with what appeared to be a rifle. They rushed to the hospital. Do not know. The principal alerted hillsborough county deputies on tuesday afternoon. Students and teachers were there for summer classes. The weapon was determined to be a B.B. gun with an optic. 18 year old kelvin dupree at a 14 year old facing multiple charges, including exhibition of a weapon and trespassing on school property today. Ocala police will hold an active shooter training. It will be held from 7 to 1 this afternoon at the marion county department of health. Multiple agencies, including opd, will take part. The facility will not be open to the public during this training time. If you’re in the area starting this morning at seven until one in the afternoon, you may notice an increased number of emergency vehicles and lake county elementary school students will now be allowed to access the children. Book and tango makes three once again. Now, the book is based on a true story from the central zoo about two male penguins raising a baby penguin. Last month, the lake county school district said students kindergarten through third grade were not allowed to check out the book. The restriction resulted in a lawsuit from the author and parents the district. Change in access. The book came after new clarifications about the parental rights and education bill. Also dubbed the don’t say gay law, florida is now the first state to allow a conservative curriculum known as prager u in public schools. Its website is filled with video content. We want to show you a sample. There are men and women and boys and girls, and there are men and women and boys and girls who are confused or deluded about which one they are. The conservative nonprofit creates videos like these, which they claim is a free alternative to the left wing ideology and culture. Media and education. Prager you claim students are failing because schools are pushing activism instead of teaching facts. But some parents say the material is worrisome. Parents have felt that they have been really pushed out of the education of their children. This really makes me question where exactly is that separation of church and state? The florida department of education says it has reviewed prager u kids and determined the material aligns florida’s revised civics and government standards. Our wesh 2 news sunrise team is getting you and your family ready for the big first day of school. Coming up in two weeks. Our one hour back to school special airs next wednesday at 7 P.M. don’t miss it on wesh 2. And in 509 this morning, we’re keeping an eye on things happening in the tropics. Yes. And we want to get to kellianne klass. What are you monitoring for us right now? So it’s still this tropical way. That’s off the coast of africa right now, really not this organized at all, but as it moves to the west northwest throughout the week, going into the weekend, it looks like it actually may develop into a potential tropical depression. Right now, the national hurricane center is thinking that is possible as early as this weekend, if not early next week, with a 40% chance of development in the next seven days. And while you see that interact trajectory just north of the windward island. A lot of the models are actually taking this into the central