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a lightning query on this cluster of storms into glades county, upwards of 178 lightning strikes within this storm system here. Lake placid doing all buckhead ridge is starting to see those on and off showers within the area making their way towards the lake okeechobee water front. Here’s a look at clewiston. We’re really we’re just seeing some light rain steady rain. The strongest storm here is to the south and it is also tracking essentially due east where you can actually see now that we do have what looks like a severe thunderstorm warning out of our viewing area. But closer look at more chances for storms on the way heading into the rest of today and tomorrow. Coming my full forecast. >> Thank some breaking news just into the newsroom. The cape coral police department has confirmed 2 bodies were found at a house. Police were called by a housekeeper for the people who live there when she arrived last saturday morning, she saw the bodies of a man and a toddler in the pool took the toddler out to try to revive the toddler. The responding officer determined that neither person was breathing and both were beyond any lifesaving efforts. The identities of the 2 have not yet been released. Will keep you posted as we learn more. >> Breaking news right now. We’re learning more about the death investigation that took place at the liberty park apartments off pine island road in cape coral and a new cape coral police reported says someone called of a possible drowning in a pond in the middle of the apartment complex saturday morning when police arrived, the body was face down in the water. Police believe the body was there for some time. No signs of foul play. The fight over education in florida is growing. The florida department of advocacy group was in alignment with the state standards on how to teach civics and government to students. Wink news reporter claire galt is in our newsroom. Clearwire some saying this is hypo critical. >> Amanda critics believe that prager use curriculum indoctrinate children with right wing believes its creators say that it is not political. It is not conservative, but it is simply and ty woke ideology. >> Regular use website says its videos, quote, offer a free alternative to dominant left-wing ideology and culture media and education. A little farther down on the homepage reads 70% of minds were changed on at least one issue after watching prager u videos there has to be ballot. Elizabeth ray d is a mom who has spent the last few days studying prager u she’s doing so because the florida department of education just approved the use of prager u materials in public school classrooms among the narrator’s tucker carlson and candace public and saying they will. >> Democrats but you’re doing the same thing. Brady is not alone in her criticism. Many people point to videos on the prager u website that they say are meant to indoctrinate children. For example, this video features 2 kids who go back in time to talk with christopher columbus. Columbus suggest that he was justified in his violence against native americans being taken as his slave is better than being killed. >> From 500 years in the future. >> How can you come here to the 15th century and judge me by your standards in the 21st century. Joe solomon is the director of prager u kids. She told me nothing in the videos is political or agenda driven. >> Know, I don’t like putting kids in the middle of a culture war and I don’t think anyone here, prager, u kids wants to put children and who are in school in the middle of a culture war. That’s not really what we’re trying to do. We are trying to do is to r to open a window into our classrooms. >> Now again, prager u website says things a little differently that they, quote, offer a free alternative to dominant left-wing ideology and culture media and I reached out to our local school districts to find out if this will be in classrooms. This coming school year. Lee told me they have not yet. Collier said they are reviewing the material now and I did not hear back from charlotte county schools, >> I swear I’ll take in orlando today. Vice president kamala harris was quick to respond to governor desantis is invitation to talk about florida’s controversial black history education standards. Here’s what she had to say to a meeting of the oldest african american protestant denomination in the world. >> To legitimize these unnecessary debates. >> With a proposal that most recently came in. >> To debate.