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top of the card or she is all for the 30 by number of women serving to 30% by 2030, ccso has 65 female deputies to make up 50% of their works. Workforce beating the national average of 12%. >> You look at this role as a male dominant role. So it takes actually females to ask questions. Well for us like me, the go out and talk to other females to try to get them onto the team. >> Captain carter believes more women in the ranks will help the sheriff’s office do a better job. And working for the charlotte county sheriff’s office. You can go to the sheriff’s office to apply no id and. >> Pretty young. New details about a body floating in the caloosahatchee last week. A newly released police report revealed the man was between. 25 to 35 years old. His body was pulled out of the river in downtown fort myers on thursday. Right now, the medical examiner is still working to identify who that man is. That was found in the water. >> Very small buck has been missing for 2 weeks. The cape coral man was last seen on beach parkway. The reward for any information about where he is now is $16,000. Police say someone has used his jeep census disappearance. The marco patriots have confirmed they searched around alligator alley because his jeep in that area burr told us why getting closure for his family is so important. >> Any kind of closure would give them something. Something’s better than nothing. >> The marco patriots have searched waterways in cape coral for him as well. If you have any information about where small back is, contact crime stoppers at 1, 870 z wrote the florida department of education has approved a series of educational materials from a conservative group to use in classrooms across the state. And claire, you actually dug into what having prager u in the classroom means for students this year. >> Or it was founded by conservative talk radio host dennis prager. Critics believe that curriculum indoctrinate children right wing below. By can says I so winds and tucker carlson. The creators say the content is not political. It’s not conservative, but it’s simply anti woke. >> Offering a free alternative to dominant left-wing ideology and culture, media and education. The question parents are asking now is is that what we want for our kids in class? Collier county mom, elizabeth radii is one of them. And there’s never any there’s never any need for the middle. >> Because it’s or sticking it with as you step into the florida department of education does not agree. The state gave the green light to use prager u material in public schools on the company’s own website. There are a series of videos in this one to kids get upset when seen activists call for abolishing the police and protesters destroying cars on tv. Later, a child complains he’s not teachers given him a social justice assignment. They travel back in time to meet frederick douglass warns them not to be radical like some abolitionists were when trying to end slavery. I’m certainly not okay with slavery. >> But the founding fathers made a compromise to achieve something great. The making of the united states. >> I challenge anyone to find a video on prager. You kids that injects politics. You’ll solomon is the director of prager u kids. She told me the videos do not push any kind of agenda, don’t believe certainly don’t believe in dividing children. We also see many of the directives and initiatives delivered and school districts now really lean towards an ideology that that that that many >> People anywhere most reasonable parents are not comfortable discussing with children that without informed parental consent. We don’t do any of that on our website through our materials. The website does, however, rain to alter opinion. Gregor, you says, quote, 70% of minds were changed on at least one issue after watching one of >> Goals are reached out to our local school districts to find out whether prager you will be taught in classrooms here. >> Lee said they haven’t discussed yet. Collier said they plan to review the material. I didn’t hear back from charlotte county schools. >> All right. Here’s breaking news for you on this wednesday. We’re not billionaires this morning. No one matched all 5 numbers. Plus the mega ball in last night’s drawing. So that means the 1.2 5 billion dollars is up for grabs. And this friday’s mega millions drawing. So the winning numbers last night not winning. Numbers are the numbers picked were 8. 24 30 45 60 won. The mega ball was 12 and the jackpot has been rolling since it was last one pack on april 18th. Your plan to play buck. >> Mermaid mailbox, mayhem next. One couple’s treasured mailbox comes crashing down when someone driving a g wagon slams into made happen? About the driver who took off? >> But first, another stark indictment for former president donald trump. Coming up, how he is accused of