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>> From southwest florida’s most trusted this is wink news at 5.30. >> The florida department of education approved a series of educational materials from a conservative group to use in classrooms across the state. Thanks for sticking with lowest home in christopher deep rager. You was founded by conservative talk show host talk radio host dennis prager and showcases content praying through the lens of conservative pundits, conservative activists and republican national committee members reporter claire galt explains what this means for students. >> Offering a free alternative to dominant left-wing ideology and culture, media and education. The question parents are asking now is is that what we want for our kids in class? Collier county mom, elizabeth radii is one of them. And there’s never any there’s never any need for the middle. >> Because it’s or sticking it to as you step into us. The florida department of education does not agree. The state gave the green light to use publ schools on the company’s own website. There are a series of videos in this one to kids get upset when seen activists call. >> All right. We’re getting some new information that we’re about to hear more about that sealed indictment. We told you about a little bit ago coming out of washington, d.c., let’s go to cbs news. >> This is a cbs news special report. I’m john dickerson in washington where coming on the air today with the breaking news in the special counsel’s investigation of donald trump. Cbs news has learned that a federal grand jury has voted to indict the former president for his attempt to overturn the results of an election. He lost up to and including his role in the january 6th attack on the U.S. capitol. This is the second time in american history that a president current or former has been criminally indicted by the department of justice in both cases that president is donald trump in june. Trump was indicted in florida for his alleged mishandling of classified documents after leaving office. Today’s indictment is related to efforts by trump to challenge the results of an election. He lost up to cbs news has learned that attorneys for president trump met with federal prosecutors in the special counsel’s office last thursday. Mister trump then posted on his social media not long after that meeting. And he wrote, my attorneys had a productive meeting with the doj this morning explaining in detail that I did nothing wrong was advised by many lawyers and that an indictment of me would only further destroy our country. Cbs news correspondent scott macfarlane is outside the courthouse where the former president’s indictment was just handed up by a grand jury. Scott. Scott? >> Reporter: it was at first sealed when it was handed out by this grand jury about 30 minutes ago. Now it has been released. It is a 45 page indictment with four felony charges. Let me read them to john. Conspiracy to defraud the united states. Conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding, obstruction of and attempting to obstruct an official proceeding, and conspiracy against rights. If that phrase, “obstruction of an official proceeding” sounds familiar to you, it is because more than 300 of a january 6 the riot defendants have faced that charge. The official proceeding being the january 6th electoral count. These are felony charges, now the second federal criminal case against former president trump, just released here in federal court in washington. This is where the case will exist, in washington, D.C. and based upon the nomenclature of the case number, john, I can tell you this case appears to be assigned to judge tonya shoot can, in 2014 obama administration appointee, who has been noticeably and particularly critical of what happened at the capitol january 6th and has had some criticisms for the former president when she handles the sentencings of many of the january 6th defendant to come through her court. It is four charges that do align, john, but, with what we have from the target letter donald trump acknowledge receiving on july 15th. Language obstruction of an official proceeding and conspiracy against rights. We’re going to read through the 45 pages of this indictment just grand jury and its foreperson, 5:15 eastern time, today come august 1st, 2023. >> John: scott, we are looking right now at the front page of the indictment, and would you go through, for us, those four counts again, for those of us who are is not is well well-versed in this as you are, and as you say, this tracks essentially with the expectation was but go through those four counts again, if you would. >> Reporter: three of them have the phrase “conspiracy” and that which is somewhat common in a federal case, begs the question are there more defendants to come? Would it take more than one person to execute a conspiracy? It is conspiracy to defraud the united states, conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding, again, very common charge from