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is the first year it will be imthis penlan is to better address student transportation distribution. Keep many kids as possible in schools near their homes while giving parents options. This plan is only for elementary students. The hope is the new proximity plan will make it easier to bus students to and from school. Lee county still has a bus driver shortage of a parent chooses a school outside of the proximity zone. They are responsible for getting their child to school. The lee county school district is still actively recruiting for bus drivers just as they did last year and actually looking at a sign right now right behind my photographer they are hiring bus driver, $17 and $0.50 an hour now. And just about a few hours at 10, 30 this morning, teachers will be walking into the building, right? The building you see right over my shoulder, the j collins, english elementary school as it is the first day of school for teachers and first day of school for students. >> Is next thursday for all 3 districts, august 10 widen. The county >> Well, the florida department of education approves a series of educational materials from a conservative group to use in classrooms across the state, prager u was founded by conservative talk radio host dennis prager. I spoke with the director of prager, u kids as well as parents to figure out exactly what this means for students. >> Offering a free alternative to dominant left-wing ideology and culture, media and education. The question parents are asking now is is that what we want for our kids in class? Collier county mom, elizabeth radii is one of them. And there’s never any there’s never any need for the middle. >> Because it’s or sticking it with as you step into us. The florida department of education does not agree. The state gave the green light to use prager u material in public schools on the company’s own website. There are a series of videos in this one to kids get upset when seen activists call for abolishing the police and protesters destroying cars on tv. Later, a tral chbailckd coinmp lains time to meet frederick douglass warns them not to be radical like some abolitionists were when trying to end slavery. I’m certainly not okay with slavery. >> But the founding fathers made a compromise to achieve something great. The making of the united states. >> I challenge anyone to find a video on prager. You kids that injects politics. You’ll solomon is the director of prager u kids. She told me the videos do not push any kind of agenda, don’t believe certainly don’t believe in dividing children. We also see many of the directives and initiatives delivered and school districts now really lean towards an ideology that that that that many >> People anyway, most reasonable parents are not comfortable discussing with children that without informed parental consent. We don’t do any of that on our website through our materials. The website does, however, rain to alter opinion. Gregor, you says, quote, 70% of minds were changed on at least one issue after watching one of its videos. >> Reached out to our local school districts to find out if prager, you will be taught in our classrooms here. Lee schools told me they haven’t discussed it yet. Collier said they plan to review the material and charlotte county schools did not get back to me. And this friday, august 4th, join us at 09:00am for our back-to-school special from the curriculum controversy to the teacher shortage. You get prepared for the new school year with wink news heading to princeton university with an additional $20,000. Fort myers high school grad dhruv. >> Was awarded a robotic scholarship from fpl. And the best part he was surprised at his home on tuesdays. Take a look here as parents and extended family. They were all in on the surprise. >> They all pretended they were merely having a family dinner when, in fact, a giant check and thus chest filled with princeton swag, waited outside his front door. The recent grad was accepted at 5. Yes, 5 ivy colleges. It was a convention finalist a competitive swimmer, even prom king. His parents say he did it on self says he has them to thank for it. >> Honestly are probably my building block and I would not have gone as far as did in high school and now on to princeton without them. So I’m incredibly grateful and lucky to have and >> I can’t believe that it tells me. >> It’s a big secret on the still deciding between studying operations research or financial engineering or public and international affairs. He’ll be off to princeton this fall and says this scholarship will be a great help. Those major sound like quite the to be some proud and the big time to keep that secret for so long after storm. >> Carbon monoxide lehigh acres home sent 3 people to the hospital. Coming up on the morning rush, we are live at the scene to give you details on what may have cost. With