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>> This is breaking news. Wink, news and words that breaking news at noon. A lee county deputy is arrested for dui and this is the second lee county deputy arrested. >> For dui in recent weeks. The sheriff’s office says in this case, cape coral police top deputy keith, like it’s just this morning, ultimately arresting him. This is a picture of him on the left side of the screen from the sheriff’s office, facebook page in 2016, he is now on unpaid administrative leave. The florida department of education approved a series of educational materials from a conservative group to use in classrooms across the state. Now it was all founded by the conservative talk radio host dennis prager. Critics say prager use a curriculum indoctrinate children with right-wing beliefs. Some of the videos are narrated by conservative voices like candace owens tucker carlson. But its creators say the content is not political and not conservative, but simply anti woke ideology. Wink news reporter claire galt dug a little deeper into what having prager u in the classroom means for students. >> Offering a free alternative to dominant left-wing ideology and culture, media and education. The question parents are asking now is is that what we want for our kids in class? Collier county mom, elizabeth radii is one of them. And there’s never any there’s never any need for se it’s or sticking it with as you step into the florida department of education does not agree. The state gave the green light to use prager u material in public schools on the company’s own website. There are a series of videos in this one to kids get upset when seen activists call for abolishing the police and protesters destroying cars on tv. Later, a child complains he’s not teachers given him a social justice assignment. They travel back in time to meet frederick douglass warns them not to be radical like some abolitionists were when trying to end slavery. I’m certainly not okay with slavery. >> But the founding fathers made a compromise to achieve something great. The making of the united states. >> I challenge anyone to find a video on prager. You kids that injects politics. You’ll solomon is the director of prager u kids. She told me the videos do not push any kind of agenda, don’t believe certainly don’t believe in dividing children. We also see many of the directives and initiatives delivered and school districts now really lean towards an ideology that that that that many >> People anywhere most reasonable parents are not comfortable discussing with children that without informed her and to consent. We don’t do any of that on our website through our materials. The website does, however, rain to alter opinion. Gregor, you says, quote, 70% of minds were changed on at least one issue after watching one of its videos. >> We reached out to our local school districts to find out whether prager you will be taught in classrooms here. Lee county said they have not discussed it yet. Collier said that they plan to review the material. Now we did not hear back from charlotte county school. Is breaking news. >> News. We want to get right back to that breaking news. An update for everyone. The decision is now in jurors say that the pittsburgh synagogue shooter should be sentenced now we had to a live look at the federal courthouse that will hopefully get that back up for all of you to look at. But this is what the man on this screen right here is the one who was convicted. The jury previously convicted robert bowers of all 63 charges against him. 22 of those counts being capital offenses. So in 2018, he walked into the tree of life synagogue shooting and killing 11 worshippers and wounding 6 others. It is considered the deadliest attack on jewish people in the U.S. and again, the verdict has come in. The jury recommending death. >> Take a look at our skycam overlooking downtown fort myers. We’re starting to see some of those clouds begin to build up overall radars, mostly clear, just a little pop-up shower out there. 91 degrees right now in fort myers. But it feels like 100 degrees. So we’re already getting those feels like temperatures in the triple digits. Taking a look at our current temperatures and you see we’re mostly all in the 90’s except for clewiston who’s at 89 and sanibel at 88 degrees. But 92 in lehigh acres. So it is a warm start to the day. Those temperatures, they will continue to warm up into the low to mid 90’s by this afternoon, slightly above average for where we should be. Typically are averages about 92 degrees. And we’re seeing temperatures more like 93 94 and then that humidity, of course, making things feel even hotter. We are expecting scattered storms later on in the day. But as you take a look at our week live doppler 3 x radar, you just you squint close enough. You can see some of those storms are for you. And you can see that they’re just some isolated pop up