WND | Bible museum to let Bible ‘speak for itself’

When the Museum of the Bible opens its doors to the public about a year from now, it will feature eight floors of exhibits and resources documenting the narrative, history and impact of the Bible that would take nine eight-hour days to view one-by-one.

A brief overview shows it will be world-class in every way.

David Trobisch, who oversees the museum’s collection, says his biggest hope is that the evidence being assembled will convince people to look deeper into the Bible and its message.

“In the Sunday School approach kids hear what is right,” he said. “With teens it’s different. We think we can only create credibility when we show them the facts.”

The facts are the goal of the $400 million project launched by the Green family of Hobby Lobby fame. Steve Green is the company’s founder and chairman of the board, which includes many well-known Christian leaders.

The museum’s 430,000 square feet on eight floors includes two underground floors and two being added to the existing building, which is only a couple of blocks from the U.S. Capitol.

The $400 million project will have three themes: the narrative, history and impact of the Bible.

It will feature everything from original fragments of the Dead Sea scrolls to the illuminated Bibles of the medieval times to the stories of Russian Orthodox Christians, who have had little contact with the rest of the Christian world.

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The museum will examine the impact of Christianity on slavery in England and in America, showing there were believers on both sides of the issue and explaining the basis of their views.

The museum will be designed to let visitors “find their own voice,” Trobisch told WND, much like a university professor.

It will be “trying to provide a learning experience without controlling the outcome.”
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