World Net Daily | Harvest America to see Gospel simulcast in 1,000s of events

So where does a Christian ministry go after a 2016 event in which 82,000 people came to a stadium, more than 180,000 watched from remote venues in all 50 states and some 90,000 tuned in via the Web, the largest audience ever for a singe evangelistic meeting in the U.S.?

Apparently, further down the same road, because there are no limits to simulcasting.

Greg Laurie’s Harvest America says there are many options for individuals, groups and churches to view its next major event at the University of Phoenix stadium June 11.

The project is entirely scalable online, spokesman Gary Zelasko told WND.

Laurie has been presenting large-scale evangelistic events, Harvest Crusades, throughout the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand since 1990.

They are designed for Christians to invite others to hear the life-changing gospel message in a nonthreatening environment. The events are scheduled based on requests and support from local church communities.

“In 2012, an annual nationwide simulcast event called Harvest America was born – extending Harvest events into churches, theaters, and living rooms across the country,” the organization said.

The website for this year’s event explains it’s not too late for individuals, groups and even churches, if they’re efficient with their planning, to hold a simulcast of the June 11 event.

It’s free and all that is needed is a screen connected to a satellite receiver or to a computer with Internet access.

The organization said that at the 2016 event, 6,300 made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ and another 18,000 responded simultaneously in the host locations.

“Now we’re going to the next phase, and we’re going to take a bold step of faith … in effect, we’re betting the farm on this one,” Laurie said. “It’s going to take place at the University of Phoenix stadium, once again this is going to be broadcast and streamed live nationwide to as many Christian partners as we possibly can gather.

“The only way that the Bible will thrive is when we respond to opportunities God sends our way,” he said.

See an invitation to this year’s event:

 Featured artists will include NEEDTOBREATHE, MercyMe, Trip Lee and Phil Wickham.

“The Good News of Jesus Christ is the most important message there is. That’s why we’re declaring 2017 the Year of Good News and proclaiming the gospel to a world in need through Harvest America,” the organizers said.

James MacDonald of Harvest Bible Chapel said, “Hosting Harvest America in your church is a unique and powerful way for the gospel to reach people in your community too.”

Laurie, senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship, which has campuses in California and Hawaii, lists online companion events to the one-day evangelistic service.

“We only celebrate these statistics because they represent the personal lives changed by the transformative Gospel message,” Laurie said.

“We pray that each and every one of these individuals gets connected with a local church and begins growing in their faith, sharing what has happened to them with others in their circles of influence. That is our prayer for the ultimate impact of this event, because that is how true revival begins.”

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