World Net Daily | U.N.’s 2nd attempt at including abortion in ‘right to life’

The United Nations, for the second time in months, is being criticized for trying to redefine the “right to life” to include a right to abortion, assisted suicide and euthanasia.

Global bureaucrats say they want to alter Article 6 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Right, which currently states: “Every human being has the inherent right to life. This right shall be protected by law. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his life.”

The issue is being raised by the American Center for Law and Justice, whose European affiliate, the European Center for Law and Justice, or ECLJ, a group recognized by the U.N., argued in an official comment that the covenant’s words “seem clear.”

“Every human has the right to life, protected by law. Yet right now the U.N., the Human Rights Committee is drafting general comments on Article 6, and in what seems like a glaring contradiction, using it to justify abortion, assisted suicide, and euthanasia.”

ECLJ submitted the official comment to the U.S. Human Rights Council “expressing our concerns,” including that the language “would seem to justify, if not encourage terminating babies with disabilities simply for being considered embarrassments.”

The comment stated: “The draft on general comment denies any protection to human life before birth and urges the 168 state parties to the covenant to legalize abortion on demand. The text gives no real condition or time limit to the ‘right’ to access to abortion which should be available as soon as carrying the pregnancy ‘would cause the woman substantial pain or suffering,’ whether ‘physical or mental.’ Moreover, the draft condemns, without defining them, the requirements that states impose to legally access abortion insofar as they would be ‘humiliating or unreasonably burdensome.’ The draft also reckons that states have the obligation to ensure access for adolescents to the use of contraceptive methods as a means to better preserve the health of women against the risks caused by abortion.”

The document notes that the U.N. Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities also is creating conflict by trying to update Article 5 of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities,” which also previously recognized a right to life.

The efforts “put at risk the right to life of persons with disabilities by not recognizing this right.”

ECLJ argued the European Court of Human Rights found that “it may be regarded as common ground between states that the embryo/fetus belongs to the human race.”

And repeatedly, “the majority of states has constantly rejected … attempts aiming at asserting the existence of a universal right to abortion.”

“This is not the first time the U.N. Human Rights Committee has tried to twist Article 6 to promote the legalized murder of babies with disabilities. Last year one member of this U.N. committee stated that while we should help people with disabilities ‘once they are born,’ he went on to say there was no requirement to allow unborn babies with detected disabilities to be born. He further went on to say ‘we must do everything we can to avoid disabilities’ – i.e. abort them before they are born,” ECLJ said.

The move, the ECLJ said, is a simple “regression of human rights: a regression driven by an inegalitarian conception of human worth which admits, and even encourages the sacrifice of the weakest.” .

“If such an interpretation is allowed to prevail, respect for human life will only be guaranteed to those who are both born and healthy beings. The most fragile lives will be subjected to the power of the strongest, paving way to eugenics and transhumanism,” ECLJ said.

It was evils such as eugenics that prompted the 1948 covenant protecting life.

In December, ACLJ released a video of Charlotte Fien, who has Down syndrome.

She shredded the U.N.’s assumptions about the disabled.

Responding to an “expert” for the Human Rights Committee, she said, “You sir, do not speak for my community.”

Fien said: “I’m a human being just like you. Our only difference is an extra chromosome. My extra chromosome makes me far more tolerant than you, sir. (…) If any other [in]heritable traits like skin color were used to eradicate a group of people the world would cry out.”

Her comments came after the U.N.’s Ben Achour said that a diagnosis of Down syndrome in the womb “does not mean that we have to accept to let a disabled fetus live.”

“If you tell a woman your child as Down … what is it called? Down syndrome. If you tell her that, or that he may have a handicap forever, for the rest of his life, it should be possible for her to resort to abortion to avoid the handicap [as] a preventive measure,” he said.

But Fien said: “Why are you not crying out when people like me are being made extinct? What have we done to make you want us to disappear? As far as I know my community doesn’t hate, discriminate or commit crimes.

“It’s disgusting and evil. You need to apologize for your horrible comments,” she said. “You should also be removed from the Human Rights Committee as an expert. You are not an expert about Down syndrome. You sir, do not speak for my community. … I will fight for our right to exist for the rest of my life.”

WND also reported Iceland’s effort to eliminate Down syndrome by aborting any unborn child with the diagnosis. More than four out of five women in the nation have a prenatal screening test, and nearly 100 percent who test positive test for Down syndrome chose to abort their child.

Dr. James Dobson, who for decades has been the radio voice for Christians on children, family, life and marriage, first with Focus on the Family and now with Family Talk radio, has warned the development in Iceland is similar to Nazi practices.

“I have rarely seen a story that so closely resembles Nazi-era eugenics as a recent report about Iceland ‘eradicating’ nearly 100 percent of Down syndrome births through abortion,” he said. “This is a trend closely followed by other Western nations including Denmark, France and even the United States. We should all be deeply sorrowful and outraged.”

He warned: “The Bible tells us that ‘we are all fearfully and wonderfully made.’ I know countless parents who would say the same of their own children with Down syndrome. A child born with a chromosome defect is a child made in God’s image, fully capable of living a happy, productive and healthy life.”

In November, Olivier de Frouville, a French member of the United Nations Human Rights Committee, proclaimed that legalizing abortion worldwide “is at the heart of the issue of the right to life.”

His statement was part of an abortion-promoting agenda that surfaced at the committee, which is tasked with monitoring the global implementation of the 1966 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

He wants the U.N. document to read, “States must provide safe access to abortion.”

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