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wave. Good afternoon. I’m tiffany kenney and I’m erin guy. Thanks for joining us here at noon. And take a look at our first warning. Future track showing more showers likely later on today. First warning. Meteorologist sandra shaw joining us now. And sandra, because of this tropical wave, we’re calling it a first warning weather day. That’s right. And here’s the wave. And it’s pretty robust looking still here over the bahamas. It’s getting more dispersed, though, as these bands move through. With that said, it’s not going to take much because we’re in a saturated atmosphere, so much moisture, the atmosphere is holding that when it does unleash and if it lingers, it could cause some flooding that said, we are very quiet now after some bands of rain moved through this morning. The bulk of the action on first warning radar still really over the bahamas. So it’s going to likely be an actor active afternoon and more so than that, an active evening. We still have a few light showers here near sebastian and blue cypress lake, but that’s it for now. Not bad. We still have a flood watch up until 8:00 for coastal and metro palm beach county, as well as down into broward and miami dade. And it does look like it’s the first warning weather situation. Basically later this afternoon into the early evening hours between about 330 and 8:00, that’s when we’ll have the greatest concentration of some possible pockets of heavy rain that could pose a flooding risk. Much more on this when it will be out of here and what will replace it with for the weekend in a little bit. Sandra, thank you for the latest weather updates. Be sure to download our wpbf 25 news app. Our first warning weather team is constantly updating it with the latest radar so that you know when the downpours are are on the way. New at noon, lawyers for former president donald trump are at a special special counsel jack smith’s offices right now as a potential third indictment of the former president looms. Trump announcing this month that he received a letter saying he’s a target of smith’s investigation into efforts to overturn the 2020 election. Trump has denied all wrongdoing. Right now, palm beach county deputies are looking for augustine bazaldua the 27 year old was last seen yesterday on wakanda way in lake worth beach. She’s four feet nine inches tall. She was last seen wearing a green crop top with jeans and snakeskin shoes. Deputies say she is mentally challenged. If you happen to see her, please call the sheriff’s office. Five staff members of palm beach central high school waiting to be arraigned, facing charges for not reporting an alleged sexual assault on a 15 year old girl. And now we’re hearing from a local psychologist on just how important it is for sexual assault cases to be reported. Jose cabrera is live in west palm beach with that part of the story. Jose. Well, mental health experts tell me that when trusted school employees don’t report allegations like this, it could weigh heavily on the student and could cause long term effects. You have to listen and consider here that it could be true and try to protect the minor at all costs. Palm beach county based psychologist dr. Terry liles says the 25 page report outlining the sexual assault allegations made by the 15 year old girl at palm beach central high school should have been taken more seriously. These parents could have lost their daughter to a suicide just because no one pursued it. The report outlining how the five teachers, administrators and therapists who were told what happened never followed mandated law and reported it according to arresting documents. The incident happened back in april of 2021, off of school grounds at the beach. The 15 year old girl told investigators the boy continued to touch her after she said no. She went on to say this happened multiple times as a result, the report states the girl’s parents told detectives their daughter became depressed and even attempted suicide. The first place people usually go is it’s me, it’s my fault, especially the younger the child. You know, there’s a lot of shame that goes with that kind of denouncing of or discrediting to the boy identified in the report as a student and the son of a palm beach county school district employee in the meantime, the school district says the five people arrested have been reassigned to positions that do not involve contact with students. And all five individuals will have a formal arraignment in the coming weeks in palm beach county in front of a judge. Reporting from west palm beach, I’m jossie carbonare, wpbf 25 news. Jose, thank you. Content from a conservative nonprofit will soon be available in florida classrooms. Prager u. Is offering its curriculum geared toward kids to public schools across the country. Caleb califano joins us in studio with more on this decision. Caleb. Well, florida is the first state in the nation to allow prager u. In public schools. The conservative group says they create video magazines and books to offer what they say is a free alternative to left wing ideology and culture. Media and education. They also say students are failing in class because schools continue to try to push radical activism. We want our kids to have a to accomplish academic excellence without it being laced with political narratives. The florida department of