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defended the organization and its content which also portrays claims of racial profiling by police following george floyd’s death as a myth as the false claims of racial targeting spread. >> So get the anger and violence. Our attention here at prairie you is to prevent the gaslighting to get more parents involved to get parents to be aware that there has been indoctrination a one-sided indoctrination in america’s schools. The state’s prager u blessing comes just days before most florida schools reopen. And while that’s likely cause several school districts and even conservative counties to table its use this year, pollution, sarasota, who both had several school board members endorsed by governor desantis during last year’s school board races are among the only districts who told us their teachers will be permitted to use prager. You to help me. Florida’s new civic and government standards. >> Even though the state has approved this material, most districts tell us they are not letting their teachers use it until district leaders review it first. I’m katie lagrone reporting. >> We’re learning why brightline is not running on schedule when it comes to the first train rides to orlando with the company says throwing its plans off track. And swifties. This is the week, but you better be ready to act fast. Next, some easy to follow advice. So you can >> Tropic watch a couple tropical waves out there, but nothing really highlighted to develop. So tropics remain quiet. [ ] You and your family deserve to feel safe online, and McAfee can help protect your privacy and personal information. Try McAfee Plus. All-in-one protection for your identity, online privacy, and devices. McAfee Plus helps remove your personaldata from websites that sell it. and alerts you to suspiciouscredit and financial activity. Plus, it comes with up-to two million dollars of identity theft coverage. Protect yourself and your family online. Try McAfee Plus, today. You know, you’ve got it pretty good. Streaming this much stuff was never this easy. Yes! Nice eye thingies. They’re collagen boosters. Get Internet on the Xfinity10G network made for streaming for $30 a month for 12 monthsand add now tv for $20. It’s the best value inlive tv and streaming. You guys like this show too? Yes chef! Get way more into what you’re into when you stream on the Xfinity 10g Network.