[Release] TLC Reality Show “Rattled:” Out of Danger After Six Weeks in the NICU, the First of Christian Couple’s Preemie Triplets Come Home

Aug. 9, 2018

DALLAS — Episode 5 of the hit TLC reality show, “Rattled,” which aired Aug. 7, continues the story of Christian couple Julia and Ryan Sadler, who work together ministering to youth at the First Baptist Church of Dallas where Julia’s father, Dr. Robert Jeffress is the senior pastor. After three miscarriages in one year, the Sadlers become pregnant with triplets, which are delivered by emergency C-section at 30 weeks and immediately placed in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

For six weeks, Julia and Ryan stand vigil at the NICU as their triplets, covered by tubes and wires inside of incubators, attended by doctors and nurses, and surrounded by monitors, fight for their lives. Especially terrifying is the piercing alarm that sounds when one of the triplets experiences bradycardia—a dangerous slowing of the heart rate.

Each of the triplets is developing differently, and each faces unique challenges. But finally, the day they had prayed for so desperately comes when one of the triplets is deemed healthy enough for Julia and Ryan to take home. It is a wonderful day but carries with the stress of taking care of a preemie without the skilled care and technology of the hospital.

Julia and Ryan must learn what all parents come to know: “Is he breathing too heavily?” “Is he too hot?” “Why is he crying?” “Why isn’t he crying?” And “How does this car seat work, anyway?” Julia is terrified to shut her eyes even for a moment for fear the baby will need her immediate help. Preemies at this age are especially susceptible to infection. With only a partially developed immune system, even a common cold can be a death sentence, so Julia strictly limits outside visitors—including chasing the camera crew from their house.

As Julia takes care of the baby at home, Ryan must go back to work. Although he feels guilty about leaving her alone with the baby, the responsibilities that come with a new family of five mean he can do no other.

Each year, twins make up around three in every 100 births in the United States. Triplets or more account for one in every 837 births. In other words, hundreds of thousands in our country grapple with the unique demands of being parents of multiples. These include heightened symptoms of depression, anxiety, and parenting stress due to the daunting physical, emotional, and financial challenges.

As Episode 5 ends, the Sadlers are adjusting to sharing a home with their first child when they learn that in just a few days the other two babies will soon be healthy enough to come home.

Episode 6 of “Rattled” debuts Aug. 14 at 10 p.m. Eastern on TLC.

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About Julia and Ryan Sadler:

Julia Sadler is a licensed professional counselor, girls minister, author, speaker, and new mom to triplets Blair, Barrett and Blake. She trained at the world-renowned Meier Clinics where she specialized in treating teenagers and women struggling with self-harm, depression, eating disorders, anxiety and suicide. After struggling personally with these issues as a teen, Julia has devoted her life to encouraging teenagers and women not to give up. Her newest journey of infertility, miscarriages, and triplet motherhood has opened a new ministry for Julia of encouraging woman and couples to trust God with their prayers, plans, & dreams.

Julia has her BA in Psychology and an MA in Counseling from Dallas Baptist University. Julia developed a love for teaching people God’s Word and explaining the Bible’s practical application for today’s culture through listening and learning from her Father, Dr. Robert Jeffress, pastor of First Baptist Dallas.

Ryan Sadler is the student pastor at First Baptist Dallas where he serves a growing ministry. He is in the process of finishing his masters at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.


About Rattled:
Raising children is a magical experience, but it does not come easy to most. With so much to keep track of and consider, unexpected complications make building a family even harder than most new parents expect. Season three of TLC’s RATTLED will provide an in-depth look at the trials and tribulations of five couples as they learn to deal with parenting, relationships, finances and so much more.

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