[Release] Men’s Ministry New Canaan Society Announces Support for 2020 Promise Keepers National Stadium Event

Mar. 13, 2019

ORLANDO, Fla. — At the 2019 New Canaan Society (NCS) national retreat in Orlando, NCS Executive Partner James Anderson and Promise Keepers COO Judge Vance Day spoke of their organizations working together to introduce men to Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord and helping them to grow as Christians.

Addressing the hundreds of men gathered from NCS chapters across the country and around the world, James Anderson said, 

“Promise Keepers played an important role in the history of The New Canaan Society. Some of our early core members were heavily influenced by their participation in the Promise Keepers events of 1995 and 1997. These events sparked the conversations and personal commitments that would one day become the foundations of NCS. The methodology and structure of NCS were crafted as a counter-programming style from Promise Keepers as a local expression of fellowship.

“So when the new leadership for Promise Keepers asked me how their ministry could be structured to support and advance the mission of organizations like NCS, I was impressed with the opportunity for partnership. And when they came on board as a sponsor for this year’s NCS national retreat, I was even more impressed. 

“Promise Keepers will be convening a national event in an NFL stadium in 2020, and they are designating a special section for NCS members so we can sit together, worship and pray together and build cohesiveness at the Promise Keepers event. 

“Our next NCS national retreat will be is March 5 – 7, 2021 in Orlando. Because we don’t have a national retreat in 2020, we are encouraging all of our members to consider the Promise Keepers event as one of our own.”

Promise Keepers COO, Judge Vance Day, who represented the ministry and spoke at Saturday’s NCS luncheon, said, 

“The NCS annual retreat was easily one of the most powerful men’s events I have ever attended. The speakers were experts in their fields, riveting speakers, disarmingly vulnerable, and carefully chosen for their ability to address the deepest needs of the assembled men. The worship was powerful, and the men assembled full of wisdom, determination and passion to be authentic men of God. Every part of the retreat bore the signature of excellence. 

“The men of this country need to lock shields with the men of NCS and organizations like it, and that’s what we’re hoping to do in our Promise Keepers national gathering in 2020.”


JUDGE VANCE DAY is the COO and general counsel of Promise Keepers. Founded in 1990 by coach Bill McCartney, Promise Keepers is a Christ-centered organization dedicated to introducing men to Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord, helping them to grow as Christians. The president of Promise Keepers is Ken Harrison, who also serves as CEO of WaterStone, a Christian Community Foundation that gives away over $1 million a week on average to build God’s Kingdom. After starting his career as a street cop with the Los Angeles Police Department in the notorious Watts/Compton area, Harrison spent nearly two decades in the commercial real estate arena both nationally and internationally. He has been married to his wife, Elliette, for 28 years and they have three children.

Harrison’s newest book, The Rise of the Servant Kings: What the Bible Says About Being a Man, releases May 7, 2019.

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JAMES ANDERSON is the Executive Partner of The New Canaan Society, a network of men joined by a common desire for a deep and abiding friendship with Jesus, and lasting and transparent friendships with each other. The mission and purpose of NCS are to connect men who seek and value such friendships, to work together in partnership and to encourage and equip each other to experience personal transformation, in an environment of trust and acceptance. Through friendship, partnership and transformation, they seek to have a positive and powerful impact on their families, their communities, the marketplace and the world.

With around 25,000 men in the movement, meetings are held weekly in over 65 local chapters nationwide. Once a year the movement has an opportunity to be together at the National Retreat Weekend in March. Regional events and retreats are also held throughout the year.

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