In recall bid, businesswoman Jenny Rae Le Roux taps former Orange County Republican official who ran Schwarzenegger’s victorious statewide get-out-the-vote effort, celebrates a ‘frontrunner’ fundraising quarter

Jul. 8, 2021
Kathy Tavoularis to serve as campaign manager. 


REDDING — California Businesswoman Jenny Rae Le Roux named Kathy Tavoularis as campaign manager and released fundraising figures.

Tavoularis will bring to bear more than twenty five years of experience in Republican politics in California, including as a key architect of the grassroots political efforts that led to the recall victory and reelection of California’s last Republican governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and as the Executive Director of the Republican Party of Orange County.

Le Roux says of Tavoularis, “I’ve joined this race to win it and now we have the team that has done it before. I could not be more thrilled by those rallying around our cause and to have Kathy Tavoularis leading these efforts. Kathy comes to us with immense experience, including the masterful get-out-the-vote effort which led to the last statewide, Republican gubernatorial victory in California.”

Kathy leads a team of advisors and consultants, including Scott Scheid – another member of the winning Schwarzenegger team – alongside Deputy Campaign Manager Matt Plummer.

Le Roux is proud to announce initial fundraising numbers released this week totaling $504,386.07 from over 300 donors with $464,494.99 of cash on hand.

The total numbers exceed an initial estimate published by the LA Times on June 29 which had already placed the first-time-candidate’s total haul at number four among the candidates, just barely below the total raised by reality TV personality Caitlyn Jenner and the former mayor of San Diego, Kevin Faulconer.

Of the fundraising statistics, deputy campaign manager Matt Plummer says, “Jenny Rae is a frontrunner, and she is a contender precisely because she isn’t a politician. She’s the most relatable candidate on the ticket and she has the unique skills needed to reboot California.”

Le Roux expressed her gratitude for such enthusiastic support across the state: “Californians voted with their pocketbooks, and now I have one goal: meet as many residents, from the broadest groups possible. Everyone I meet recognizes that California’s biggest challenges are man made – and specifically, ‘Newsom made.’ It’s time for an end to this catastrophe of chronic mismanagement by career politicians.”

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