Jenny Rae for Governor: Newsom is “strangling California’s economy with tax increases while spending our surplus.”

Jul. 1, 2021

REDDING — Californians, who already pay the highest gas taxes in America, face another tax increase on July 1. Jenny Rae Le Roux, businesswoman and Republican candidate for Governor, issues the following statement in response to the ill-timed increase:

“If the Governor really wanted to get California back to work, he wouldn’t make it more expensive for Californians to leave their homes. Instead, Newsom is strangling California’s economy one tax at a time. The ill-timed gas tax increase is another byproduct of his party’s monopoly in Sacramento — Republicans in the State Senate proposed a freeze on increases, but Democrats blocked it. The increase is allegedly to ‘fund road and bridge repairs,’ but Californians know better. An average family will pay nearly a thousand dollars a year in taxes due to this regulation alone – and without any guaranteed improvement to roads or bridges (in another political trick, Newsom’s 2019 executive order allows him to redirect gas tax funds to climate change efforts).

On average, Californians already pay over a dollar more-per-gallon than the national average, with taxes three times those in Texas. Newsom likes to take more of our money so he can give it out as he pleases, rather than letting us decide how to spend the money we earn. Instead of doling out California’s surplus in a reckless spending spree to buy votes, Newsom should be using that money to reduce California’s crippling tax burden.”

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