Jenny Rae Le Roux: Californians should reject Gavin Newsom’s Vaccine Verification System

Jun. 21, 2021
‘I trust Californians to make good informed decisions, and I will be a friend to small businesses’ – Jenny Rae Le Roux
Press Release: The KAIROS Company for Jenny Rae For Governor

June 21, 2021

SACRAMENTO — Jenny Rae Le Roux, businesswoman and Republican challenger to Gavin Newsom, issues the following statement in response to Gavin Newsom’s “vaccine verification system”:

“Gavin Newsom is lying — again. Last year, he promised to shut down the state for 2 weeks, yet he still wields emergency powers 15 months later. Now, he’s lying about vaccine passports. His ‘vaccine verification system’ is a vaccine passport, and its use violates personal choice and adds burdensome responsibility to already-strapped businesses. The vaccine passport could be entirely avoided by my plan: sign an executive order and pass legislation to limit liability for businesses. It’s time for someone with common sense solutions to step in and defend the freedoms of the people the Governor pledges to represent. I trust Californians to make good, informed decisions, and I will be a friend to small businesses.”

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