Jenny Rae Le Roux condemns Newsom’s ‘all-out assault’ on California’s farmers

Jun. 23, 2021

Press Release: The KAIROS Company for Jenny Rae For Governor

REDDING — Jenny Rae Le Roux issues the following statement in response to California Governor Gavin Newsom’s drought response plan:

“California has a water emergency, and it isn’t because of a drought. It’s because of Newsom’s mismanagement. Now, instead of addressing our state’s real challenges, Newsom’s $5.1 billion ‘drought response plan’ is a sham plan that represents an all-out-assault on California’s farmers.

“You know what’s absent from the plan? The fact that California hasn’t built a major reservoir in 42 years or that California’s Delta Pumps aren’t at full capacity, allowing water that could be going to the Central Valley to flow to sea. California has dumped one entire year of water into the ocean in the last three months. It’s scandal.

“Meanwhile, farmers and growers account for 3% of California’s jobs and generate more value than the total GDP of two U.S. states. Yet, Newsom’s plan mentions fish and wildlife habitats 5 times and farmers just twice. Neither plan delivers the water to farmers that they have paid for and are legally guaranteed. Instead, Newsom’s so-called ‘funds for farmers’ is reserved for conservation departments to turn land that no longer has sufficient water for crops into parks and to — absurdly — ‘reduce farmers’ greenhouse gas emissions.’

“I’m a businessperson, a mom, and believe in common sense. The problem in California is that one-party politics always wins over the data, science, and just-plain-common-sense. When I am Governor, we’ll fix this water management problem, now and for generations to come.”

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