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We are the go-to personal counselors for leaders and those interested in them who want to sharpen their public image to faith-based or general audiences on a national scale. Our team leverages experience from a variety of industries, including politics and humanitarian causes, higher education, entertainment, and more.


Apr. 25, 2022

Dear Friends,

I’m writing to share some important news.

When I started The KAIROS Company company back in 2015 (after my time in higher education and Hollywood) I chose its name with great deliberation. In Greek, “Kairos” doesn’t mean just “time”—it means the right, critical, or opportune time, that moment in which success is achieved when an opening is pursued with focus and determination. In other words, Kairos is the intersection of time and opportunity.

2015—was just that for me—the intersection of time and opportunity. And so, I started The KAIROS Company—with one client, boundless enthusiasm, and a clear sense of calling. Since then—with God’s help and the constant encouragement of so many—our company, clients, and causes have all taken off.

In 2021, I sensed that a new “kairos” moment was forming for our company. I knew that to serve our growing list of clients, we had to offer additional services for our clients in addition to PR—services like business strategy, social media campaigns, ad-buying, fundraising, and other creative services. But I wanted to provide world-class service in these areas from day one. As I spoke to trusted friends and sought wise counsel, one name—and one idea—came up repeatedly: joining forces with JDA Worldwide.

JDA Worldwide is a consumer-focused agency specializing in brand, digital, and influence for category leaders.  JDA Worldwide is also part of a larger ecosystem, anchored by parent company Prolific; a growth firm that holds a fleet of high performing marketing and communications agencies, and possesses expertise in strategy, consulting, growth capital, and enterprise non-profit fundraising.  JDA Worldwide has been serving Clients since 2003 and is a regular recipient of the American Advertising Federation’s highest marketing and advertising awards as well as landing on multiple listings for the fastest growing companies in the US. Yet, for all these achievements, JDA Worldwide didn’t offer public relations services to their clients.

In other words, our clients need what they offer, and their clients need what KAIROS offers.

Of course, joining forces with another company is about more than complementary services—it’s about the alignment of vision and values. As I got to know the team at JDA Worldwide, it was uncanny—and humbling—how much our vision and values aligned as people inspired to deliver excellence for clients, from the largest corporations in America to unique cause-driven not-for-profits and everything in between.

And so, I decided to join The KAIROS Company with JDA Worldwide, effective April 16, 2022. I’ll serve as President of the combined company, JDA Worldwide.

Here’s what stays the same:

  • Your access to me. And not only access but active strategizing and involvement with me.

  • The KAIROS team. Our best-in-class client managers and publicists will not change. We’ll only add more of them.

  • Our work ethic—we remain all in, 24/7, for our clients.

  • Our passion for building your PR presence, always driven by strategy first.

Here’s what’s new:

  • We’ll have points of presence in more places. Beyond our points of presence in Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Nashville, Boston, Orlando, and Lynchburg, we will have points of presence in Colorado Springs, Indianapolis, St. Simons Island, and Traverse City, with more to follow, both nationally and –soon– internationally (beginning with the Middle East, perhaps first in Tel Aviv).

  • We’ll be able to offer our clients more services:

        • Need to build a comprehensive strategic growth plan to multiply your revenue, impact and relevancy? Now, we’ve got you covered.

        • Need to craft or refresh your brand so it articulates your highest and best calling? Now, we’ve got you covered.

        • Need to design and implement a national media campaign? Now, we’ve got you covered.

        • Need to buy ads and measure their impact with excellence? We’ve got you covered.

        • Need to shoot a commercial, a TV show, or a long-form film? Now, we’ve got you covered.

        • Need to design a website? Now, we’ve got you covered.

        • Need strategies to increase donor activity and retention? Now, we’ve got you covered.

        • Need capital to grow and scale? Now, we’ve got you covered.

        • Need a cross-channel solution based on research and driven by results? Now, we’ve got you covered.

You may have questions, my phone number and email are the same. Don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to win, for you.