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[Media Alert] National Bible Week Commemorates 75th Anniversary with Reading on Floor of U.S. House

Nov. 14, 2016



National Bible Association with Rep. Doug Lamborn (CO) host bi-partisan event to include readings from the Bible on Tuesday November 15th, 2016.


WASHINGTON D.C. – In commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of National Bible Week, a bi-partisan event will be held on the floor of the US House of Representatives and will include readings from the Bible. Led by U.S. Congressmen, Doug Lamborn of Colorado Spring, CO., the event will be held in the afternoon hours of Tuesday November 15th, 2016 and will include the reading of passages from three different Bibles:

A Catholic Bible

A Jewish Bible

A Protestant Bible

WHO: Members of the House of Representatives led by U.S. Congressmen, Doug Lamborn of Colorado Spring, CO., in partnership with National Bible Association.

WHAT: Bi-Partisan Commemoration Event of 75th Anniversary of National Bible Week

WHEN: 3pm ET – exact time may vary depending on potential House schedule overruns.

WHERE: The Floor of The House of Representatives

DAY OF POINT OF CONTACT:   Elise Inman – (e)  (p) 615 775- 6902




The National Bible Association is a non-profit, educational association operating in the public square that provides a platform for our Nation’s Leaders to encourage people to read the Bible. The National Bible Association was created in 1940 by a group of business and professional leaders in New York City. Their purpose was to find hope for America while war raged in Europe. 

Today, the strength of National Bible continues as an association of dedicated members who encourage Bible reading locally, through events and special projects, and nationally, through media campaigns. This is done primarily through our three main program areas: International Bible Week (previously National Bible Week), Media & Literature, and Awards and Recognition. Our goal is to encourage everyone to read the Bible and raise awareness of the Bible’s importance and relevance to our nation as a whole, as well as in the lives of individuals.