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‘Miseducated’: New PragerU short documentary exposes ideological battle for minds of America’s students

Sep. 16, 2021

LOS ANGELES — Why are schools obsessed with race and gender issues? Why are children learning revisionist history? Why are America’s schools teaching children to hate America — and each other?

To answer these questions, PragerU has released “Miseducated: The Decline of America’s Schools,” a short documentary featuring Jill Simonian, PragerU Kids Director of Outreach, who interviews experts that understand America’s K-12 education problem and are awakening people around the United States to the ideological battle for the minds of students.

“Here in America, our kids are taught divisive racial ideologies, skewed history and a new kind of sex education that robs them of their innocence,” said Jill Simonian. “This is the miseducation of our children.”

“After personally learning the true depths of our education system’s corruption through making this short documentary, I decided to pull my own kids out of their school to remove them from the front lines while we open people’s eyes and fight this fight,” Simonian added.

In the film, Simonian speaks with Christopher Rufo, an investigative journalist and a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute; Brenda Lebsack, an educator and former California school board member; and Justin Kite, a history and social studies teacher at public and private schools in Texas. Together, they discuss issues like critical race theory, The 1619 Project, DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) initiatives, sex education and much more.

“This ideology in these lessons is poison for all kids,” said Christopher Rufo. “The design of this is to put into the minds of kids as young as kindergarten that ‘She is not like him’ or ‘He is not like her.’ All of these things are designed to divide you.”

“The system is set up so that if you’re teaching anything about gender identity, you don’t even have to notify parents that it’s being taught,” said Brenda Lebsack. “Parents have no idea. And they don’t know how radically sex ed has changed.”

“History is about narratives, and which narratives you choose, and how you want to amplify or minimize certain things,” said Justin Kite. “The language that I like to use is that the ‘headlines’ of American history are often being placed in the ‘footnotes,’ and the ‘footnotes’ in American history are now being placed in the ‘headlines.’”

“Miseducated” is the third installment in PragerU’s Short Documentaries series, ​​which tackles the biggest issues of the day in search of truth. Watch more PragerU short documentaries and sign up for episode alerts here.

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