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Museum of the Bible ( invites all people to engage with the Bible. Dedicated to the history, narrative and impact of the Bible, the museum, located at 400 4th St. SW,  opened in November 2017 three blocks from the U.S. Capitol in Washington.

Museum of the Bible celebrates Easter with first in-house film production, exhibits and activities

Mar. 29, 2021

WASHINGTON — Museum of the Bible invites guests to join in the celebration of Easter through special exhibits and activities.

“While we face another Easter amidst the pandemic, we hold onto the hope of better times to come,” said Harry Hargrave, CEO of Museum of the Bible. “For many, Easter provides the greatest hope to humanity across time and place. We wish to share this sense of hopefulness with our guests.”

Easter exhibits and activities include:

Stations of the Cross

Guests have the opportunity to reflect on the final hours of Jesus’ life through 14 stations featuring bronze sculptures by the late Gib Singleton, whose work has been displayed in the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), Yad Vashem and the Vatican Museum.  

“Easter Morning” and “Pietà”

 Guests can view “Easter Morning,” an early 20th-century stained-glass window created by Louis Comfort Tiffany, founder of Tiffany Studios, that depicts the resurrected Jesus. Guests can also view an exact replica of Michelangelo’s famous “Pietà,” a sculpture of Mary holding the body of her son after the crucifixion.

Education Station

The all-new Education Station features activities for the whole family. Guests can learn about stained glass, craft their own stained-glass window or make a cross out of a palm leaf.


Musician John Sweet will perform in the Grand Hall on Easter. Interactive storytelling of the history of Easter will take place on the stairwell landings of the three floors of the museum, including in front of the “Easter Morning” stained glass Tiffany window of Jesus and the Pietà.

History of Easter Documentary

Museum of the Bible’s “The History of Easter” documentary, exploring the origins of Easter, is airing on TBN and will also be available for viewing on YouTube and Museum of the Bible’s website. “The History of Easter” is narrated by Matthew West, an award-winning Christian musician and actor, and will incorporate narration, museum exhibits, recreated resurrection footage and motion graphics.

Lunch and Learn

Attend this virtual conversation led by Museum of the Bible Director of Scholars Initiative Daniel Stevens to hear about the context and development of the early Easter holiday. When did the holiday start? What did people do before they could give chocolate Easter bunnies? Is it actually derived from much older pagan rites?

Tickets are available here. Admission is free for National Guard members through Easter.

More information on Museum of the Bible is available here.

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