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PragerU to find new video hosting service for its content after JW Player goes woke, won’t renew contract

May. 14, 2021

LOS ANGELES — As yet another major corporation succumbs to the leftist narrative and goes woke, PragerU has been kicked off of JW Player’s video hosting platform — despite its videos earning more than 5 billion views over 10 years. 

The move comes after JW Player updated their “community guidelines” and opted not to renew their contract with PragerU as they claim, “PragerU’s content is misleading.” 

“Every time we’ve hit a wall, we’ve been able to find a workaround. But now, we’re facing a serious new threat, which we are working tirelessly to resolve,” said Marissa Streit, CEO of PragerU. “In true cowardly fashion, JW Player has refused to give us specifics and opted to hide behind third party ‘fact-checkers’ to get rid of us.

JW Player’s current clients include left-wing media outlets like The Young Turks and Vice, which produce thousands of videos with politically-charged narratives that divide our country and teach young people to resent America. But somehow, those videos meet “community guidelines.”

Despite Big Tech’s relentless censorship campaign, PragerU has established itself as the trusted source for conservative content for the next generation. A recent Forbes article ranked PragerU number one among free-market organizations for Facebook likes (3.85 million), most Twitter followers (537,000), most subscribers to a YouTube channel (2.88 million), most views of YouTube video uploaded in the past 12 months, 2 minutes or longer (9.4 million) and most Instagram followers (1.6 million) in the “leaders in pro-free-market videos, magazines and news outlets” category.

More than 60% of PragerU’s viewers on YouTube are under the age of 35, and 58% of viewers have said that they have changed their mind on an issue after watching PragerU videos. In 2019, PragerU launched a mobile app with its videos hosted natively to gain more independence from Big Tech platforms. To date, the app has been downloaded more than 500,000 times. 

“As a nonprofit media organization, the support of our viewers is vital to our success. We’re incredibly grateful to all those who have championed our mission,” said Streit. “Rest assured: Despite Big Tech’s absurd censorship campaign against us, we are already working on a solution and continue to shape millions of young minds around the world.”

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