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[Press Release] As Senate Republicans Battle to Repeal and Replace Obamacare, PragerU Taps Six-Term Congressman Bob McEwen to Find the Solution

Jul. 18, 2017

LOS ANGELES, Calif. —  How is it that the American government has yet to find an effective healthcare solution after seventy-five years of practice? Why did Obamacare make health insurance costs go up, and access to medical services go down?

The short answer, as explained in PragerU’s most recent video, How Healthcare Should Work, is that when bureaucrats and politicians spend other people’s money for services they won’t use themselves, only bad things happen.

Six term member of Congress from Ohio, Bob McEwen offers an alternative, market based solution to our current healthcare challenges. In the video, Rep. McEwen examines the relationship between quality and quantity of products purchased and how this dynamic explains many of Obamacare’s inherent shortcomings. McEwen begins by describing three types of purchasing:

“First party purchase occurs when the person paying is the person using. This market breeds competition, high quality products, and a free enterprise system.

“Second party purchase occurs when the person paying is not the person using, the price is important, but quality is not as big of a concern.”

“Third party purchase occurs when the person buying is using other people’s money for something they won’t consume—therefore they do not care about the price or quality.”

All government purchases are third party. Therefore, the government does not adequately deliver quality of healthcare because they do not use it, nor are they positioned to care about the cost of healthcare because they don’t buy it. Third party purchasing will always create waste in government spending.

McEwen advocates that the United States needs first party purchasing because it would give 300 million Americans the freedom to buy their own health insurance. The result would be free enterprise competition between businesses and hospitals and ultimately, increased quality and lower costs.

“When governments get involved, costs rise, waste and fraud occur, and medical services are unavailable.” McEwen quotes Abraham Lincoln who stated, “Government should only do those things that man cannot do better for himself.”

Rep. McEwen believes the American people are fully capable of creating a thriving healthcare system with the freedom of first party purchase and concludes by calling on all Americans to make health insurance a first party purchase once again.

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