[Press Release] Children of the World choir sings for refugee children worldwide

Sep. 27, 2017

FOREST, Va. — Statistics show there are more than 65 million refugees and displaced people worldwide. Approximately 50 million of them — nearly 80 percent — are children, according to UNICEF.

World Help’s Children of the World International Children’s Choir is trying to make a difference in the lives of these refugees. Earlier this fall, the choir embarked on a new coast-to-coast tour to educate audiences about the challenges refugee and displaced children face. The choir’s goal is to inspire people to get involved with solving this growing crisis.

The “Refuge + Strength” tour, which started Aug. 27, in Naruna, Virginia, will take the choir to audiences from Florida to Tennessee, New York, New Mexico, California, Washington — 20 states in all. At each tour stop, concert attendees will hear stories of children who’ve overcome adversity and poverty to find hope and a future through World Help’s refugee aid initiatives and child sponsorship.

The choir itself is comprised of children from the child sponsorship program, and includes boys and girls from Nepal, Uganda, Philippines, and Honduras.

Amrit is one of the choir members on tour. He lost his father at a young age, and was displaced from his home by the devastating Nepal earthquake in 2015. Forced to live in a nearby barn after the earthquake, Amrit had to hike two hours daily to attend school. He also faced the constant uncertainty of whether he would have access to clean water and nutritious food. World Help’s child sponsorship program provided Amrit with an education, meals and a safe place to live. It gave Amrit a future, changing his life — and his family’s — forever.

Amrit’s powerful story is one of many shared at each concert. The “Refuge + Strength” tour invites concert attendees to join World Help’s work by sponsoring a child and giving to humanitarian aid programs focused on helping refugees. World Help provides clean water, food, medical care, trauma counseling and warm clothing to tens of thousands of refugee children and families in 10 countries in the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

“The Children of the World choir is a powerful testament to the fact that we all can do something to help solve this global refugee crisis,” said Vernon Brewer, founder and president of World Help. “I am extremely proud of the children for giving their voices to support their global brothers and sisters. We hope those who attend the concerts will not only be blessed by the music, but also choose to partner with World Help in supporting vulnerable and at-risk children who need our help today.”

More information about the Children of the World, including upcoming performance dates and the children’s biographies, is available here.

Media note: The Children of the World choir members, including the choir’s team leaders and alumni from World Help’s sponsorship program, are available for interview. Contact: MediaInquiries@theKcompany.co




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