[Press Release] Christian Broadcasting Network Broadcasts Thanksgiving Special ‘Pocahontas’

Nov. 22, 2016



After an overwhelming audience response and thousands of DVD orders, CBN to air full-length, 90-minute special on Thanksgiving Day.


VIRGINIA BEACH, VA – On Nov. 14, the week before Thanksgiving, the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) aired “Pocahontas: Dove of Peace,” as a 3-part, 30-minute docudrama based on the famous 17th Century, Native American’s life. The film, produced in the United Kingdom and Jamestown, Va, features interviews with subject experts alongside detailed re-enactments. The film will now be aired in its entirety on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 24.

“The audience response to the initial 3-part airing has been phenomenal,” says Gordon Robertson, CEO of CBN and Executive Producer of the film. “It’s an affirmation of why we chose to tell this story in the first place and we’re delighted that so many have already ordered the DVD. Airing this 90-minute film in its entirety on Thanksgiving Day is a fitting tribute to this incredibly true story. We a so proud of the entire team that produced this important film.

CBN has reported before on the finding of the first church in historic Jamestown, where archaeologists believe Pocahontas and John Rolfe were married. According to historical accounts, Pocahontas became a Christian and helped establish peaceful relationships between the colonists and her tribe.

“The incredible story of Pocahontas is one of those landmark events in our nation’s history that has been told and retold for centuries, becoming a favorite tale for children and historians alike, but often the Christian component of the story and its  influence is either forgotten or even ignored,” adds Robertson “CBN is proud to present a new film on Pocahontas that remains historically accurate while honoring its Christian heritage.”

“Pocahontas: Dove of Peace” is available for purchase on DVD and includes exclusive, behind-the-scenes footage and commentary. The docudrama is the latest in several special features CBN has produced, among which is “First Landing,” a film on Rev. Robert Hunt’s journey to the New World and his role in establishing Jamestown, the first English settlement.




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