[Press Release] Christian Care Ministry Partners with Love INC to Meet Critical Needs of Brevard County Residents

Jul. 18, 2017

MELBOURNE, Fla., June 18, 2017— With gratitude to the local community that hosts its Florida offices, Christian Care Ministry has partnered with Love INC to bless Brevard County.

Christian Care Ministry has agreed to underwrite a new initiative by Love INC to help meet the critical needs of Brevard County residents through Love INC’s unique assistance programs.  This initiative will provide crucial services that are currently not being funded or are underfunded in the community.

Christian Care Ministry was founded on the principle of Christians sharing resources to meet one another’s medical needs. Based on this same principle, we decided to share out of our resources to help meet needs that aren’t being met in our community,” said Ted Squires, Chief Executive Officer of Christian Care Ministry.

This gift is going to help so many people,” said Kristy Stuart, Love INC Executive Director. “We are thrilled that Christian Care Ministry chose to partner with us so that we can expand our clients services.

Love INC has approximately fifty church partners throughout Brevard County who work to transform the lives of local people through spiritual and financial mentoring, home repair services, Christian counseling, car repairs, and community volunteer projects. Many of Christian Care Ministry’s employees belong to these churches and participate in community service projects.

Besides Love INC’s proven and effective work in helping meet the needs of our local community, we knew they were the natural choice for our community partnership because the vast majority of our employees belong to churches that are part of Love INC’s Network of Churches,” said Jerry Lawrence, Christian Care Ministry Vice President of Finance and Pastor of Community Gospel Truth Church, a Love INC partner church.




About Christian Care Ministry

Brevard-based Christian Care Ministry operates Medi-Share, a Christian healthcare-sharing program that directly facilitates Christians sharing each other’s medical bills. Since the program’s inception in 1993, Medi-Share members have shared more than $1.2 billion in bills. And, because of access to a large network of more than 700,000 healthcare providers, members have saved an additional $672 million in medical costs during that time. Medi-Share has more than 295,000 members nationwide.

More than just healthcare, Christian Care Ministry is a community of people who share their lives, faith, talents and resources, in a community of mutual prayer and encouragement. For more information, visit MyChristianCare.org.

About Love INC of Brevard

Love In the Name of Christ (Love INC) of Brevard is an affiliate of the national organization which is dedicated to uniting and mobilizing local churches across the country.  Love INC is a proven model whereby local affiliates network together local churches, church volunteers, and community organizations to help people who lack resources.

Love INC’s vision is to see Christian churches united in purpose and fully engaged in actively living out their faith by lovingly serving people in need in their communities.  For more information, visit http://www.loveincbrevard.com.