[Press Release] Fox News Radio Host Todd Starnes Discusses New Book With CBN Founder Pat Robertson

Feb. 16, 2017

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – Fox News radio host and columnist Todd Starnes sat down with CBN Founder Pat Robertson to discuss the release of his new book, The Deplorables’ Guide to Making America Great Again, Tuesday, Feb. 14. Starnes shared with Robertson insights on the presidential election and cultural changes in America, and explained how the “deplorables” can start making a difference in the country.

“I know a lot of The 700 Club audience: they’re proud to be gun-toting, Bible-clinging deplorable Americans,” said Starnes to Robertson.

“What should us deplorables do now to regain our heritage?” asked Robertson.

“We have to take a stand,” said Starnes. “For too long conservatives have relied on who they put into the White House to do the job, to do the hard work. And we can’t rely on President Trump to defend religious liberty. We have to stand up, and we have to do our part as good citizens of America.”

Starnes also said involvement in the public school system should be one of the primary ways American Christians should engage culture.

“One of the most important areas for Christians to get engaged in the culture is the public school system, which quite frankly is being used as an engine to indoctrinate our kids,” Starnes added. “That’s the reason I believe we have seen such a massive shift on cultural issues, because that is what they are teaching our kids.”

He continued to encourage parents to get involved in public schools. “Run for the school board, take a look at those lessons, and if you see something suspicious, say something,” Starnes added.

Despite his concerns on cultural issues, Starnes told Robertson he believes that better days are ahead for the country.

“My book is about hope, and I believe that God is not finished with America just yet. I believe that we can be that shining city on a hill that president Reagan talked about. And I tell stories about young millennials who are taking a stand, who are supporting religious liberty, and defending America, and standing up for the national anthem, instead of taking a knee.”

Christians, according to Starnes, should be “happy warriors,” changing culture through their behavior and kindness.

“We don’t have to go there and march in the streets and holler at people and burn down cities, because we are ambassadors for Christ. And so we should be happy warriors, and we should be looking forward to this great American country we have.”

Starnes interview with Pat Robertson on The 700 Club is available here.


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