[Press Release] Friends of Zion’s Jerusalem Prayer Team Now the Second Largest Christian Page on Facebook

Aug. 17, 2017

JERUSALEM — Excitement over the soon-to-open Heritage Center of the Friends of Zion Museum (FOZHC) has helped generate a social media reach now rivaling international news outlets. An initiative of Friends of Zion, the Jerusalem Prayer Team Facebook page’s nearly 28 million followers not only speak to the overwhelming grassroots support for Israel, but act as a “weapon of peace” against growing anti-Semitism movements like BDS (boycott, divest and sanction Israel) which have become prevalent in certain political circles and on college campuses across the West.

With weekly engagements (comments, likes and shares) averaging over 4 million, Jerusalem Prayer Team is among the most engaged pages on all of Facebook. As a point of comparison, in the same week that Jerusalem Prayer Team recorded 4.3 million engagements, President Trump’s Facebook page had 3.2 million and is itself one of the most highly engaged pages on Facebook. Jerusalem Prayer Team is now the second largest Christian site of any kind on Facebook with Millennials representing over 70 percent of the page’s supporters.

“It’s Christians, especially in America, who form the firewall against anti-semitism that so easily creeps into the international social and political conversation,” observes Mike Evans, founder of the Friends of Zion Heritage Center and Museum in Jerusalem. “It’s especially encouraging that the younger generation is standing with Israel and employing social media in spreading the message. Together, we are ‘waging peace’ against the violence and hatred that seems perpetually aimed at Israel and her people.”

With the help of its worldwide community, Friends of Zion is pushing towards the finish line of its Phase II building project which will unite the Friends of Zion Research Institute’s Communication Center with its Ambassador Institute. The resulting project will amplify the impact of the already completed FOZ Museum which celebrates Christian Zionists from around the world who have worked to protect the Jewish people from persecution and whose efforts were instrumental in the establishment of the State of Israel. The Friends of Zion Museum draws more than 100,000 annual visitors from around the world.

Friends of Zion has raised $37 million of the $50 million needed to finish the Heritage Center project and is working to raise the remaining funds. When completed, the FOZHC will have a real-time social network communication hub providing rapid response to anti-Semitism online, and it will be linked to the thousands of Christian TV and radio stations, print media, churches, and universities worldwide with content packages and video clips supporting Israel. FOZHC will also collaborate with one of the world’s leading research companies to create Israel’s first Christian Zionist think tank.

“We are well on our way to completion,” says Mike Evans. “I am confident in our efforts, as well as the support of those who stand by Israel, to continue our momentum in establishing a Christian stronghold for peace in Jerusalem.”

Fans of the page and supporters of Israel and her people are encouraged to give on Jerusalem Prayer Team’s dedicated donations page here.


MEDIA NOTE: Friends of Zion Founder, Dr. Mike Evans is available for select interviews. Please contact Mediainquiries@TheKCompany.co




About Friends of Zion – Located in the heart of Jerusalem, the Friends of Zion Heritage Center is dedicated to bringing stories of love and heroism to the world. Magnificently told using groundbreaking technology found nowhere else in the nation, visitors experience the unfolding story as though stepping back in time. Accompanied by a moving original musical score, immersive surround sound, and interactive displays that appear to come to life before your very eyes, the Friends of Zion Museum is a once in a lifetime experience that draws visitors from around the world. Visitors enter a whole new world, where they meet the biblical figures, academics, businesspeople, and military officials who, through their faith, have forged an everlasting bond between the Jewish and Christian peoples.

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