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[Press Release] PragerU’s Newest Video ‘If You Live in Freedom, Thank the British Empire’ Demonstrates that American Ideals Came from the British Empire

Sep. 12, 2017

LOS ANGELES — The United States of America is admired throughout the world for its commitment to “certain unalienable rights,” limited government, an independent judiciary, and free markets. But America actually inherited these values from the British Empire, whose commitment to these principles goes all the way back to the Magna Carta in 1215. In PragerU’s newest video, If You Live in Freedom, Thank the British Empire, PragerU contributor H. W. Crocker III demonstrates that the freedom foundational to the founding and growth of the United States were born from British ideals.

Crocker, author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to the British Empire, demonstrates Great Britain’s track record of spreading the values of individual liberty, limited government, independent judiciaries, and free markets. Freedom was an Englishman’s right—and wherever an Englishman went, he took that right with him, prepared to fight for it—and die for it if necessary. It was, after all, the British Empire, along with America, that defended these ideals in two colossal world wars.

Great Britain rejected nation building among the territories it governed. It had no mistaken illusions of turning Arabs and Afghans into Englishman. Instead, the British preferred a “hands-off” approach toward their territories, allowing the people to govern themselves. That’s why a territory as vast as the Sudan was governed by just 140 British civil servants.

The British Empire rested on and governed from a moral foundation. “The British believed the final and necessary justification of their empire was a moral one,” observes Crocker. “The British kept the peace; they brought sound, honest administration; and they insisted that basic moral standards were honored.” Great Britain did more to abolish slavery and the slave trade than any other modern world power.

The British enforced a Pax Britannica and maintained Judeo-Christian moral standards with a firm sense of right and wrong. Whether it was eliminating the practice of widow-burning by Brahmin priests in India, or standing alone in early days of World War II against the combined tyrannies of the world, the British Empire has stood firmly on the side of moral right and freedom around the world.

Crocker concludes by reiterating how British ideals built the United States. “It all started in America with the British Empire, a great, liberty-loving empire,” Crocker concluded. “It is the empire’s legacy—the English-speaking world—that remains the great global guardian of freedom today.”

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