[Press Release] Professor Jordan Peterson Announced as Speaker at Turning Point USA’s Young Women’s Leadership Summit

May. 31, 2018

DALLAS — On Wednesday, Turning Point USA officially announced the addition of internationally renowned University of Toronto psychology professor, mega-bestselling author, social and political commentator, and leading free speech advocate, Jordan Peterson to its already impressive roster of speakers at its fourth annual Young Women’s Leadership Summit on June 14-17 in Dallas, TX.

“Turning Point USA is thrilled to announce the additional of Professor Jordan Peterson to our already incredible roster of speakers at YMLS 2018,” says Charlie Kirk, president and founder of Turning Point USA. “Jordan Peterson is among the most sought after speakers and thinkers in the entire world, and surprising to some, his audience is increasingly female. What he has to say is powerful regardless of who is listening, and I can’t wait to hear him speak directly to the unique cultural experience of women in American and throughout the West. All I can say is you won’t want to miss what he has to say, that’s for sure.”

In addition to Dr. Peterson, attendees will hear from some of the most well-known and influential conservative leaders, organizers, commentators, authors, and TV hosts such as Judge Jeanine Pirro, Ben Shapiro, and Tomi Lahren alongside Turning Point USA’s own Charlie Kirk, Candace Owens. The event will also feature opportunities for leadership training, professional development and networking. Turning Point USA seeks to encourage and empower the young women of America to stand up for their beliefs and their country.

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Charlie Kirk, Turning Point USA President and Founder

Candace Owens, Turning Point Spokesperson, Director of Communications

Professor Jordan Peterson

Judge Jeanine Pirro

Kimberly Guilfoyle

Ben Shapiro

Tomi Lahren

Kat Timpf

Allie Stuckey

Dana Loesch

Kimberly Corban

Antonia Okafor

Katie Pavlich



Turning Point USA’s Young Women’s Leadership Summit 2018



Hyatt Regency DFW

2334 N. International PKWY

DFW Airport, TX



June 14, 5:30 PM – June 17, 12:00 PM CST





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