[Press Release] World Help’s Vernon Brewer Releases Statement After Chemical Attack Slaughters 88

Apr. 7, 2017

FOREST, Va. — Vernon Brewer, president and founder of the Christian humanitarian organization World Help, responded today to this week’s chemical attack in Syria and America’s military response to the incident. According to World Help’s partner, who is working in the heart of the affected area, 88 people—including children and infants—have been confirmed dead, and over 60 percent of the local population has been displaced.

“For more than six years now, millions of innocent Syrians have suffered in a war not of their own making. This week’s chemical attack, and subsequent strikes targeting first responders and hospitals, underscores the grim human toll and suffering this crisis is taking on these people. The primary victims of this terrible attack were not insurgents or fighters — they were innocent children, including infants and bystanders. In some cases, entire families were wiped out.

“I join the world leaders who have called this attack unacceptable and a crime against humanity, and I pray that as the U.S. takes military steps toward addressing this crisis the lives of the innocent men, women and children of Syria would be placed as the top priority.

“World Help is with the people of Syria, responding to the needs on the ground, and providing emergency medical supplies and lifesaving aid directly to victims of the chemical attack through our local partners, who are just 12 miles from the epicenter of the attack. We will continue going to those who are hurting and in need of hope. We will not abandon them in their time of need.”

We need your help right now to provide relief to as many victims as possible. Take the first step by clicking here.

Pictures from the attack site and aftermath, taken by our partners on the ground, bring to life the high human cost of this atrocity. They are available here. Viewer discretion is advised.


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