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[Release] A Day After the Oscars Ratings Sink to All-time Low, PragerU and Candace Owens Remind Celebrities that ‘No One Cares What You Think’

Mar. 5, 2018

LOS ANGELES — In addition to broadcasting their television shows, films and music, in recent years, many celebrities believe broadcasting their political views is a good idea as well. This even includes ridiculing those who disagree with them. In PragerU’s newest video, Dear Celebrities: No One Cares What You Think, only a day after the Oscars records its lowest viewership of all time, conservative commentator and director of urban development for Turning Point USA, Candace Owens reminds celebrities of something that is eminently obvious to so many: Fans want to enjoy their talent, not hear their political opinions. 

Owens qualifies her position by acknowledging that in many ways fans have encouraged celebrity entitlement. Sold-out shows, screaming audiences and a bombardment of fan mail all contribute toward convincing celebrities that all their opinions deserve a platform.

“But you’re wrong,” Owens clarifies. “Nobody cares what you think. Nobody!”

Celebrities accumulate loyal fans because of their talent. Fans are not impressed, however, with public disrespect towards government leaders, our trusted institutions and our sacred traditions. Lady Gaga screaming about unfair elections, Beyonce constantly reminding her fans that “she’s with her,” Eminem demanding his fans choose between him or President Trump, and Marc Jacobs refusing to dress the First Lady, are all recent examples of unnecessary celebrity politicization.

During presidential elections, celebrities often threaten to leave the country if a certain candidate is voted into office. Their narcissism assumes fans care more about where they live than who is leading the United States, contends Owens.  

“On the one hand, we should find all of this amusing,” Owens says, “but on the other, it’s actually deeply offensive: It’s offensive that you confuse our admiration for blind faith.”

Owens urges celebrities to consider the reality of their fans. The majority work very hard throughout the week to provide for themselves and their families, and maybe if they’re fortunate, with enough left over, to escape for a little while and attend one of their expensive movies, concerts or shows. 

Fans want to enjoy the enriching talent celebrities have to offer and experience valuable entertainment. Instead, they are being insulted by very people they admire.

“When you go on some political rant on late night TV or call your fans racist and sexist…just because they don’t think or vote the way you want them to, you cross a line,” Owens concludes. “You lose touch with reality. You become just another shill for another politician.”

“And who wants to be a fan of that?”

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